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Apple Watch Plastic AMOLED

|Includes: AAPL, Universal Display Corporation (OLED)

Apple recently made a confirmation regarding Apple Watch, which is the first smart watch that is going to be released by the company early in the next year. Apple has not made any comments on the features of the display of the watch, but they have confirmed that it would come with a retina display. It is still a mystery whether the watch has OLED or LCD display.

Apple Watch rumored to have OLED Display

Some reports coming in state that the new smart watch from Apple will come with an OLED display. An employee from Touch Display Research has reported this and has gone far enough to even guarantee it. This report from the source seems reliable enough because such speculations regarding Apple products have been made in the past as well by the same source, and they did turn out to be right.

Kinds of OLED Displays

Even if there a speculation regarding the OLED display in Apple smart watch, there has been no news regarding the kind of OLED display that the smart watch will be equipped with. Since Apple has recently suggested that Apple smart watch will come with flexible retina, it might be possible that the company will adopt a flexible OLED technology. It would not be wise if we ignore other kinds of OLED displays before arriving at a conclusion. Plastic OLED is also being used by many companies at the moment and it is used mainly because it is quite thin, which keeps the device compact. There is a glass OLED technology as well and this kind of OLED display is mostly used in the wearable market.

Display Supplier

The dominant supplier of OLED in the market is LG. Stakeholders in the market would know that because LG has been offering such services to many companies for quite some time, and its dominance in the market has also allowed the company to come up with some of the best screens in smartphone industry through its LG G series. LG has also announced its own smart watch which is supposed to be launched soon, and it would be interesting to see how LG's watch compares with the Apple Watch.

It was reported earlier that Apple would be taking the services of SDC to get the OLED displays and a deal was supposed to be penned down with the company over flexible OLEDs. This deal did not go through due to some unknown reasons, and now it is speculated that LG is the one who would supply Apple with the technology.

OLED Technology potentially on the rise

The market has been slow to adopt OLED technology and Apple might have a little impact on it in the future. The problem here is that the panel that Apple requires for the Apple Watch is quite small, and it would not give the technology a boost in terms of production. Even if millions of units of the Apple Watch are sold, which Apple is hoping and aiming for, there will be little impact on the rise of OLED technology. The only thing that might be a game changer is the innovation that comes with this technology in the industry of smart devices. If the market is really about to see Apple adopt the OLED technology, this would mark the rise of the industry which seems like a potential improvement, not only for the Apple devices but also for the overall industry.

Why does OLED matter?

The main reason why the technology regarding the display of the device matters to a certain company is because it is not just about the quality of the display. It is about the whole experience that the device is supposed to provide the consumers with. Since Apple has announced the use of a retina display in its Apple Watch, this retina display would be the main element in the watch that would make each and every interaction smooth and possible. A smart watch comes with a tiny display screen but the pixel density should be kept high so that a user can read the small text clearly, including the numbers and notifications. This kind of pixel density would allow the consumers to read from the smart watch with ease even when not stationary. The display technology is what decides the image sharpness and other minor details.

Another reason why OLED technology is efficient is because it is cost effective when compared to the LCDs and LEDs. OLED in comparison uses less power. Worldwide acceptance of OLED technology would also prove good for the environment since the technology is deemed eco-friendly and is easily recyclable.

Will Apple Watch be a game changer?

Recently the market is welcoming smart watches from different companies. Motorola is now already offering the Moto 360 on pre-order, and LG is soon expected to make a similar move. Moreover, Sony has also entered this market to make the competition tough. Apple will not be entering this market as a sole leader like it did in the past when iPhone was first launched, but Apple definitely has an advantage because of its history with design. The Apple Watch will be coming with a S1 Chip along with a wireless charger. The watch would do everything a normal smart watch can do including detection of the pulse rate and gyroscope. Apple has added the feature of changing straps of the watch which should give consumers a chance to customize and personalize their watch.

Apple Watch has also opened doors for the developers. Now the developers have the opportunity to build apps for Apple Watch as well which will be a nice opportunity for them if the watch goes main stream instantly.