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ObamaCare's Not Dead; Kennedy & Waxman Bills Are

 Pundits are celebrating and mourning the death of ObamaCare, but what ever it turns out to be in the next two to three years, it’s not dead.

However, Ted Kennedy’s and Henry Waxman’s bills that would Canadianize American health markets look (note the hedge) dead on arrival.

Three polls by RasmussenGallup and NBC/WSJ all show President Obama’s personal approval ratings are down and that Americans aren’t ready to Canadianize health care. Weak poll numbers for Obama and for health deform (sic) undermine ObamaCare’s chances.

The futures traders at who are playing the health care reform market, are giving ObamaCare a 35% chance of passing by Jan. 1., down from 46% last week. The adults are taking over from the gullibles.

Karl Rove nails it in today’s WSJ: You can’t reduce access to care and the quality of care for more than 280 million Americans who have some kind of insurance to help the 2%, or 6 to 8 million CITZENS and legal residents who never can afford to buy catastrophic coverage and aren’t eligible for existing programs. I’ve been saying this for months. Be sure to read the comments that follow Rove’s column. Folks are starting to understand what ObamaCare would do to them.

Health stocks have been rallying for several days anticipating a watered down health deform bill.

Why is ObamaCare in trouble now?

You can’t sell garbage with a lousy pitchman like Obama. He has no credibility on economics, energy, global warming or health because he’s Clintonized his speeches to the point where everyone sees the clever parsing coming before his teleprompter does.

Bob Dole didn’t sell Viagra. Viagra sold itself despite Dole. Obama’s no Michael Jordan, and ObamaCare’s no Viagra.

Americans know that when one political party gains to much power, power corrupts. They’ve seen it in their state legislatures and major cities all their lives, and they saw it when Bush and the GOP controlled Congress. Now they see the Dems gleefully creating false crises and trying to exploit them at the expense of the privately insured and Medicare beneficiaries.

Obama got his hard left Barney Franks and Teddy Kennedys convinced he could Rahm their near single-payer plan through Congress. Now they see the Blue Dogs standing in their way, and they’re saying the 80-member Congressional Progresssive Caucus will block anything the Blue Dogs will support. And the Blue Dogs are split, too.

Kennedy and Waxman have spent the last 35 to 45 years blocking real reform, waiting for the day when an Obama would come along and Canadianize health care. And they’re willing to block real reform if they can’t get their perfect plan through now.

White House, you’ve got a problem.