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The Cardinal, The University, & The Gold Trail

Belgian Cardinal reminds us to start from Being, not from Consciousness.
Reality is there band then man comes along and gets to know it.
It’s not the other way around.
Looking back, Another was a true master of understanding people’s thought processes.
by Friend of Friend of Another
The Gold Trail — a new gold market begins to evolve
The evolution of a new gold market and coming collapse of the US dollar as international reserve currency with rise of the euro.
by Friend of Another
Modern philosophers, especially since René Descartes (A.D. 1596 - A.D. 1650) and Immanuel Kant (A.D. 1724- A.D. 1804), divorce thought from reality and start like Descartes from Consciousness, from the fact that man has innate ideas in his mind.
This is not the starting-point of [Another] and others who study philosophy as the perennial philosophy. They start from Being, not from Consciousness, and for them it is reality which imposes its structures on the mind, not like Kant, the mind imposing its structures on reality.
His Eminence André-Joseph Mutien Cardinal Léonard, Catholic Archbishop of Brussels, was severely being criticised yesterday, Thursday, for arguing that the aids epidemic is an “immanent justice” for immoral conduct.
Léonard oogst zware kritiek
vrijdag 15 oktober 2010
Auteur: Veerle Beel en Bart Dobbelaere
De aarstbisschop ziet in de aids-epidemie een ‘immanente gerechtigheid’ voor een te losse levenswandel.
His Eminence Cardinal Léonard thereby explicitly rejects “social justice”.
The KATHOLIEKE Universiteit Leuven, KU Leuven, nevertheless continues to advocate social justice.
(Social Justice as viewed by Leuven – first exploration
Posted by Ivo Cerckel on May 25th, 2009
But then, again, KU Leuven wants to remove the golden K from its name.
Catholic university drops the C word
07 October 2010 De Standaard Brussels
“Change of course for K.U.Leuven, ” headlines De Standaard. The Brussels daily reports that the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of Europe’s oldest universities, is planning to drop the “Katholieke” (Catholic) from its name
Before Descartes, we could say that reality is there
and then man comes along and gets to know it.
Since Descartes, human thought is the first reality.
(Joseph M. de Torre, “Christian Philosophy”, Manila, Sinag-Tala, 1980, 3rd ed., p.131)
U.S. is currency war’s “tomb maker”: China economist
BEIJING | Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:16am EDT
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