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the behind-the-scenes euro architects and the behinds of Maastricht freaks


The behinds of the politicians and bureaucrats (and their Welfare State parasites) established on euroland are still being confused with the single currency.

Van Rompuy, Barroso, Papandreou, Merkel and Sarko are still talking about saving the euro, whereas they are only trying to save their own behinds,
behind the mask of the Maastricht criteria of the Stability and Growth Pact

Ad nauseum:
FreeGold means that the single currency has a gold component and a paper component, and puts a “firewall” between both so that gold’s valuation as a wealth-preserving asset cannot be pulled lower by the inevitable inflation of the paper component of circulating currencies. It is the (quarterly) marking to market (MTM) of the gold reserves of the European System of Central banks , not to the Bretton Woods model of $42.2 like the USA central bank (originally $35), by the ESCB which provides that wall.

The process of marking to market (MTM) the Eurosystem’s gold reserves has resulted during the FIRST decade of the Freegold (ECB MTM FLOATING gold price) “experiment”, in gold rising from 30% to 60% of the Eurosystem’s (international liquidity) reserves.

The Times even invokes the loss of national sovereignty and the resulting (or is it the cause?) the mercurial nature of democracies.

The euphoria was palpable, but was it fully justified?
Sam Fleming Commentary
July 22 2011 12:01AM

Francis Fukuyama replaces “democracy” with/by “accountability”.
Accountable guv’mint for him means that the rulers believe that they are responsible to the sheeple they govern and put the sheeple’s interests above their own.
(Francis Fukuyama, “The Origins of Political Order – From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution”, London: Profile Books, 2011, pp. 322 and 321, yes in inverted order)

2. having qualities of eloquence, ingenuity, or thievishness {ECB bureaucrats are maintained alive through theft, er tax] attributed to the god Mercury or to the influence of the planet Mercury.

The euro is the first currency that has not only severed its link to gold, but also its link to the nation-state, said ECB president Duisenberg in 2002 upon receiving the Charlemagne Prize in Aachen

Upon receiving the same prize last month, ECB president Trichet said:
The {Maastricht] Treaty has mandated the ECB to keep safe the money of Europe’s citizens

That’s how the ECB rulers are forced to put the sheeple’s interest above their own.
They are accountable to the European System of Central Banksters’ (ESCB), gold reserves

That’s the system devised by the ingenuinity of the behind-the-scenes architects of the euro.

Ivo Cerckel