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Thalidomide maker makes money from victims - So what? - Open Brief aan Johan Vande Lanotte - Témoignage thalidomide : Les Monstres de Heidelberg

Thalidomide maker sells NHS drug for victims
By Andrew Jack
Financial Times, March 30 2010 22:58
The company behind thalidomide is now making money from sales of a painkiller to those born with birth defects caused by the morning sickness drug.

Any law book on product liability will tell you that thalidomide shows that and why we need product-liability laws.

Guv’mints are liable for thalidomide because their regulators allowed thalidomide on the market and when the whistle on thalidomide was blown at a Düsseldorf congress of neurologists on 30 April - 01 May 1960, those same regulators have not done anything.
Thalidomide was eventually taken from the market on 27 November 1961, by its maker, Chemie Grünenthal GmbH, in Stolberg, Aachen, (1)
and thus not by the regulators who had allowed it in the first place.

Our Masters continue to argue that thalidomide shows the need for a welfare state, c.q. a police state,
while at the same time continuing to refuse compensation for the damage thalidomide monsters like myself suffer as a result of the guv’mints’ intentional acts of letting thalidomide be marketed for more than 18 months after 01 May 1960.

As for my own Belgian Master, it did not jail my father,
Henri Léon Adrien Paul Cerckel
(since a year or two, since I know about the Düsseldorf congress,
apparently “Hendrik” Cerckel on the telephone directory),
a medical doctor,
although I was born in February 1962, that’s more than 20 months after the Düsseldorf warning.
The murderers of Corinne who was born in May 1962, that’s three months after me, had to be acquitted in Liège, Belgium. And the Belgian sheeple TOTALLY APPROVED of this verdict.

It’s easy to accuse the heroes from Stolberg.

It’s also easy to steal money through taxation.
The thief does not periodically return,
nor does she pretend to be stealing in the public interest.

Ivo Cerckel