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The sheeple and the wolves


“We see herd behaviour in the market that is really pack behaviour, wolf-pack behaviour, and if we do not stop these packs they will tear the weaker countries apart, even if it is self-inflicted weakness,”, said Sweden finance minister Anders Borg on Sunday 09 May 2010.

Is “wolfpack” a system of submarine warfare used by the United States Navy and Germany during World War II?
Or is “wolfpack” herd behaviour?

Here’s translation I found:
On voit aujourd’hui des comportements violents sur les marchés, des comportements de meutes de loups et si nous ne le arrêtons pas ils vont déchirer les pays les plus faibles.

This means herd behaviour.

The frauds of irredeemable, at least unbacked, paper money and of fractional-reserve banksterism make a wolf of any honest person.

Does Borg mean “panic” by “wolfpack behaviour”?

Time is up for the frauds of irredeemable, at least unbacked, paper money and of fractional-reserve banksterism,
so the sheeple (or is it the “wolves”? - THAT’S THE QUESTION) are panicking.

We will defend the euro, whatever it takes, said European commission president Jose Barroso May 8 after EU leaders met in Brussels.

This is however
NOT about the stability and credibility of the euro currency
BUT about the credibility of the Brussels-based EU-Commission bureaucracy.

De Gucht not worried by plummeting Euro 
Belga Thu 06/05/2010 - 11:40
The European Trade Commissioner, the Fleming Karel De Gucht, has said in an interview with the German daily ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’ that the fall in the value of the Euro against the Dollar doesn’t give him great cause for concern. The value of the European single currency has fallen in recent days as a result of the crisis in Greece.

Central bankers meet as Greek crisis spirals
BASEL, May 09, 2010 (AFP) – Central  bankers from around the world met Sunday in Switzerland, with talks on monetary reform set to be overshadowed by the threat of Greece’s debt woes ballooning into global chaos.
The talks, stretching over three days in Basel and Zurich, were meant to focus on longer-term issues including systemic changes following the crisis that has dogged the world economy since 2008.

Explosive gold catalyst
May 04, 2010
IMF, Swiss National Bank Announce High-Level Conference on International Monetary System
Press Release No.10/171
April 27, 2010
It is ironic that gold investors globally can count on central banks, the IMF and other senior policy makers to provide the catalyst for the next up leg in the gold market. Haven’t these been the same forces that have previously acted to suppress the yellow metal? These former villains of the gold market will do the heavy lifting going forward as the greatest wealth transfer in history continues to unfold.

Ivo Cerckel