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Genuitec's MobiOne eases way for Windows development of iOS apps

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), MSFT
Genuitec, LLC has revamped its MobiOne development tool to allow Windows operating system users to design and build App Store-ready iOS apps -- native apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch -- without using a Mac. This means there is no longer an additional expense to buy a Mac machine or learn Objective-C to design apps that operate natively on iOS devices.

Previously, the Flower Mound, Tex. company's MobiOne supported a webapp-only model that allowed design of webapps that run on iOS devices. Now, users can design native apps or webapps with the same design files, using AppCenter, a cloud technology that Genuitec engineered, that allows app designers to test their native and webapps in a private Genuitec cloud. [Disclosure: Genuitec is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]

“By removing the barriers to entry for iOS app design and building, MobiOne is truly at the forefront of making mobile technologies accessible to the masses," said Wayne Parrott, vice president of product development. "If a Windows users has enough skill to design a PowerPoint slide, they can design and build iPhone and iPad apps with ease. Web developers with HTML5 and CSS3 skills will see even greater productivity.”

MobiOne is designed for web developers, marketing departments, business consultants, and anyone who wants to create and build App Store-ready iOS applications and webapps. MobiOne uses drag-and-drop functionality similar to stringing together a PowerPoint presentation, but has a powerful engine that allows users to build iOS apps or webapps from the same code base.

That engine is the AppCenter technology, which allows for easy testing of apps and webapps over the air using iOS 4+ or through iTunes. Testing links can be shared via email or SMS for multiple device testing and previews.

To learn more about the MobiOne Studio, go to A 15-day free trial is available at: After the free trial, the cost is $99 per license.

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