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Top Ranked Breakouts for Week Ending October 29, 2010

|Includes: BMP Sunstone Corp. (BJGP), IMAX, SWIR, TORM, TRTN

For the week ending October 29, 2010, these five Top Ranked stocks were found using the following screen:


  • GSA Rank of 70 or higher.
  • Relative strength leader.
  • Good accumulation/distribution.
  • Average daily volume of 10,000 shares or more.
  • Volume spike compared to average volume.
  • Good liquidity (shares traded as a percent of float).
  • Institutional ownership not exccessive.
  • Stock trading less than 20% off the 52-week high.
  • Stock breakout from a basing pattern.

Note: GSA Rank (1 to 100) is based on a combination of 30 fundamental and technical factors, such as ROE, earnings, relative strength, group action, volatility, analysts' rank, etc. Stocks with GSA Rank of 70 or more are considered Top Ranked. Accumulation/distribution score above 1.0 indicates positive price-volume action. Breakouts are measured when price action clears prior resistance for the first time.

GSA Rank: 79.14

GSA Rank: 74.46

GSA Rank: 71.48

GSA Rank: 70.71

GSA Rank: 70.31

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