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Evoke Pharma (EVOK) Article Coming Soon To Seeking Alpha!

|Includes: Evoke Pharma, Inc. (EVOK)

Hopefully everyone has a chance to read my Neuralstem article published on Seeking Alpha earlier today. I'm putting the finishing touches on my in-depth article for a company called Evoke Pharma which is one of my favorite stocks in 2014. I'll provide some highlights.

Evoke Pharma (NASDAQ:EVOK) went public in September 2013 at $12 per share. Since the IPO, the share price has ranged from $6.75 to $14.25. The current share price is $8 which seems to be a resistance point at which the stock generally stays around. In general, in the past month and a half, the share price has slid due to low volume and lack of coverage. Part of the problem is that the Phase 2B was completed pre-IPO and thus many investors are simply unaware of Evoke.

Evoke has a low float. There are approximately 6.1 million shares in total, and 6.8 million fully diluted, but only 2.4 million shares are freely tradeable without restriction. This means shares are likely to rise, fast, during 2014 as investors accumulate shares and Phase 3 launches which is expected to occur soon.

Evoke is aiming to treat a condition in women known as diabetic gastroparesis in which a patient's stomach has difficulty properly emptying food which can lead to feeling bloated, feelings of pain, and vomiting. Only one product is approved by the FDA currently, oral and intravenous forms of metoclopramide. Evoke is relatively safe for a biotech because their product is simple... they are developing a nasal version of metoclopramide to treat the very same condition! Metoclopramide has been proven effective in treating diabetic gastroparesis. The Phase 2B produced very positive results. Evoke need only complete the Phase 3 study and a QT study to show no cardiac effects (which metoclopramide is not known to have) in order to seek FDA approval which seems highly likely.

Why a nasal version of metoclopramide? Evoke believes the health community is aware of the problem of using oral medications to treat a patient that has problems with the stomach. For example, if symptoms often involve vomiting, the patient may vomit out the oral metoclopramide and not receive relief of their diabetic gastroparesis symptoms.

Evoke has price targets of $19 and $60. Annual sales are projected at $230 million by one analyst and $400 million by another analyst. Even at the lowest projection, if they were to sell the company during 2014 at the price of only one year of projected sales ($230 million), the share price could potentially quadruple.

I have further details captured in my article but hopefully this gives you a sense of the opportunity that I believe exists for Evoke Pharma. You can learn more about them by checking their website below:

I've nearly completed the article. I anticipate it being published sometime on Monday (1/13) or Tuesday of next week which also happens to be when Evoke will be presenting at a biotech conference in San Francisco. If Evoke successfully demonstrates how large their potential market is and why it should easily succeed, shares may benefit. In concluding, Evoke appears to be a single trial away from FDA approval, with little risk of trial failure, and it should be able to generate a large gain from the current share price as 2014 progresses.

Thanks all!

Disclosure: I am long EVOK, .