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Is the 2,500% Inflation in U. S. Currency Value Proof the Fed "Fights Inflation"?

Everyone has convemiently forgotten the first precursor of trouble first started when Alan Greenspan and then Benranke (sic)  began raising interests rates "to fight inflation".

Eventually the cries of pain forced the Fed - which artificially manipulates the business cycles - to reverse course.  But it was too late and then eventually the Fed was supposedly helpless when catastrophic corrections in market prices kicked in during the autumn of 2008 and fthe conveniently timed abolition of the uptick rule helped exaggerate (greatly) the downturn that very effectively "fought inflation".

The SEC - which has never been punished for turning its head away from the Madoff warnings - then manfully stepped in and banned short selling only on selected financial stocks.  The rest of the market had to be subjected to "free market forces" that in March 2009 priced companies at evaluations far lower than they do today. 

At that point, in early 2009, the Fed had accomplished its goal of "fighting inflation".

Free markets can obviously have huge discrepancies in perceived price to market evaluations over the course of a year.

But over the course of my lifetime it is The Fed that repeatedly causes tremendous economic damage every time it begins to raise interest rates to "fight inflation" in a country where the value of its now privately issued currency has dropped 96 percent since the creation of the Fed in 1913.

That would imply the Fed despite numerous attempts to "fight inflation" with interest rate hikes over 97 years has overseen the inflation of the country's currency value by a factor of 2,500 percent.

Of course, all this up and down manipulation and long term inflation is to accommodate the usury industry.

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