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Trading Volume is Light? Good!

So sell volume is light?

Hopefully, sell volume is light because people are turning into investors who just hold on to their ever rising and falling equity wealth as the banksters and their privately owned Fed manipulators churn the market up and down and up and down.

Anyone who tries to TRADE against the deep pockets of GS and fellow travelers will see their wealth transferred to the banksters over time as they try to trade against the black boxes and sharp minds who even when they fail will get bailed out by the now privately owned U. S. government and the privately owned Federal Reserve.

I bought JEF before the meltdown at 17 and held when it slumped to 7. Had I sold then and gone to cash the banksters who sold short to me at $17 would have covered, and then bought more long and would have made a 350 percent killing on the rise, plus the huge gains from the earlier short sale to me at $17.

But I did not sell my losing position back to the banksters at $7 and if no one else did (but undoubtedly some did) and if the banksters kept that short position open they would now be holding a 50 percent loss and looking to the privately owned U. S. government and Fed to cover their loss.

(Yes, I could give some other examples where I traded into a realized loss for me because I was trading.)

Anyone who just buys and holds on for the next 30 years - hoping the company does not go out of business - will see their equity wealth rise and fall.  But the banksters make those huge bonuses by getting gamblers to trade - and they get them to trade wrongly enough times that the wealth is steadily transferred  from the trader to the banksters. The bank bonuses and the now rising tide of unemployed are proof that the banksters control the game and there are winners and losers and the banks are guaranteed to be the winners.

While banksters are buying yachts tens of thousands of subsidized renters are now being told their vouchers are ending and they can hit the tent cities. Thus, losses are being dumped on even the poor and uninterested..

A four percent or five percent transaction tax on all equity trades would help turn gambling traders into buy and hold investors. And then the easy bonus money will dry up for the banksters.

But then they would just drain the U. S. government and the Fed even more.

However those of you who say buy and hold is dead may be right too. Because over 30 years even a supposedly safe utility will go into unregulated free market speculation and bankrupt the company by building a failed nuclear plant or allowing a genius to trade up huge losses in gas futures. 

But if you think buy and hold is dead why try to trade against the black boxes and sharp minds of GS?

If you traders take a big hit, is the Treasury Department in the cubicle next to yours, as they are at GS? Can you tell the Fed to give you some fresh cash but have the Treasury add the cash grant to the tab of the U. S.population?.

At the same time, do you want to hold fiat cash when there are subtle signs that the value of that fiat cash is going to be devalued even more? The privately owned Federal Reserve has driven the value of a 1913 dollar down to a nickle.  How can you fight that trend?

Disclosure: Long JEF