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Trading Against the Big Boys Is Playing with Fire

The central banks are fixated on gold as the arch enemy of their fiat money schemes. So much so that gold or any commodity becomes like fire to play with.

The speculation casinos will always be run by the elites for the elites. Many of you have forgotten that the late Chicago activist Sherman Skolnick documented how an Italian firm cornered the soybean market through Feruzzi USA and Central Soya Co. Their astute trades brought ADM and Cargill to the brink of extermination, according to Skolnick, but the latter pressured the Chicago Board of Trade to force Feruzzi to dump their contracts. This caused collateral damage to the farmers who had relied on high prices to salvage some of their production losses.

Skolnick also notes there was a (maybe coincidental) Feruzzi executive murder in Italy.

Years earlier the elites got the rules changed so they could break the Hunt brothers, who had cornered the silver market.

Big stakes and huge profits and huge losses can trigger desperate behavior. The fiat system is desperate right now. Gold will not get in their way, will it? Would any other commodity be allowed to break the system? A few phone calls here and there....