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China Mobile (CHL) to make an offer for Sprint (S) ?

|Includes: CHL, Sprint Corporation (S), T, VZ

While not out of the question, China Mobile with a cash war chest ready to be prudently deployed, could be a potential bidder to pick up the ailing Sprint (NYSE:S) as the CEO continues its successful turnaround and seeks alternatives to raising funds.

Given the current market conditions and competitive landscape in America, Sprint is ideally situated to grow given the advent of the continuous battle of DOJ vs. ATT-Mobile pending merger.

With Sprint in a corner, the CEO recently stated his firm would be forced to look for potential buyers; Centurylink are one of the possible marriages mentioned.

However, given the current business objectives with China's leaders, many Telecom CEOs are looking abroad for potential acquisitions. China Mobile with the largest cash balance of any company in the world is poised for such a transaction.

China Mobile could be the white knight that Sprint is looking for as it looks to build out an LTE network estimtated at $600 million and power ahead in its ongoing challenge to the big two telecom firms Verizon(NYSE:VZ) and ATT(NYSE:T).

The only headwinds, would be political, as many in congress see China's firms encroaching on areas deemed critical to national security.

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