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The Long Case For

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Elevator Pitch

sequestration - definition of sequestration by the Free Online ...

se·ques·tra·tion (s kw-str sh n, s k w-) n. 1. The act of sequestering; segregation. 2. Law a. Seizure of property. b. A writ authorizing seizure of property. 3. Chemistry ...

Sequestration Definition - Law Dictionary and Legal ...

The legal definition of Sequestration is The taking of someones property, voluntarily (by deposit) or involuntarily (by seizure), by court officers or into the possession of a third …

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exempt from sequestration are congressional salaries

Thesis & Catalyst For VXX, TVIX, UVXY

moving forward; lets take a look at forward earnings;

forward earnings will trend down.

Simple deduction and reasoning as follows;

No one could believe they let Fannie Mae fail!

I saw this happening as soon as the year 2000 following market cycles.


Irrational Exuberance has returned to the markets, it is time to reward savers and start stockpiling cash instead of credit...

our debt is 16 trillion

We should focus on and follow China's cash reserves footsteps which stand at 16 trillion in reserves and growing everyday simply from the exchange rate as it drops daily...

Nowadays, every time China wants or says something, it will be exactly that way. (it is do to the cash inflow we receive from them, never bite the hand that feeds you) Japan's increasing their QE is and will be the Biggest Historical Economical misstep any Country will ever make and they will never survive this!

We needed the FED to maintain controls, not be in control

There is growing Support for the end of QE and Interest rates to increase to preserve our economic future is at hand.


why the short story? it is necessary for you to do your own do diligence so you can see the cold hard facts... America is in serious trouble now!

No one can print money from nothing to support themselves, and even worse, get the dividend that rightfully belongs to the tax payers which is never accounted for!

If I hold any positions in any markets, it is my business. not yours!