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siri-xm possibilities are limitless

siri has had a lot of negative comments and write ups in the past few months. some out of concern and some from indirect bloggers from the nab. siri has come a long way the past few months, from near bankrupsy to seeing good things happen. the 530mil it recieved from the owner of direct t.v. was a turning point. within the next few months we should, even with the debt it has to repay, should see an advance in the stock price. siri is a good service and product and has a large audience. the auto industry has a ways to go but it will survive and this will certainly help the siri bottom line. So to the negative things that you read, do your own research and stay abreast of what is going on and we should siri turn around soon. We saw a good jump this past week and expect to see some more. don't believe everything that you here about this company. It has great potential and when ever you see the attacks directly or indirecly by the nab, this just means they are worried, due to the poor service industry they are in. satallite is the new wave and has unique possibilities to offer the consumer. great service at a low cost equals a  bargain for consumers. I believe the company will delve off into lateral possibilities for the service, possibly bundeling with direct t.v.. So hold on for a great ride and don't listen to all the jargon that is out there. if i believed in all the bad things that i have heard i would have sold out months ago, but i persevered and it has paid off. Remember, great service and the possibiilities are almost limitless for this great company. See you on the winning side          t.m.