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Switch Off

|About: PG&E Corporation (PCG)

Avoid sparks around a volatile environment.

Don't feel guilty about making the lights go out for a while.

Take your punishment knowing you used your best judgement.

Did I read this right?  PCG - Pacific Gas and Electric - kills the power to 20,000 customers as a precaution? 

We should not assume that utility companies purposely disregard public safety for profit's sake.  I liken PCG's judgement to that of a company which decided to put guards on staff after  criminal event occurred in their facility.

Last night I realized PCG would show a big drop on opening as the Barney Fife's among us slam on the brakes when they see a rain cloud miles ahead.

The facts are there for all to see.  The patient among us are probably the least likely to bite our fingernails down to the second knuckles awaiting Chicken Little's next pronouncement.

Disclosure: I am/we are long PCG.

Additional disclosure: Even California is not immune to the idea of applying common sense toward important decisions. I have found nothing that would indicate any floundering at PCG. Disasters always instill a knee jerk reaction to assess blame. When we look for who did it, this does not mean we need to crown a scapegoat, but rather identify how and where we fell short as a society. I'll leave it to the courts to decide what is fair. I will commend PCG for trying to be part of the solution rather than fighting like a cornered rat. This is not a crap shoot; it is an investment in an admiral company performing in an often adverse environment.