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Tell Us How You Follow Nokia, Or Any Stock

|Includes: Nokia Corporation (NOK)

Two heads are better than one. Imagine 10 or 100!

In this era of instant communications, complex and marvelous tools are being creating and improved upon everyday designed to provide us with a priceless resource: information.

We have all heard of the expression "Information is power." It`s more true today than ever before. I don`t mean power in the sense of dominating over a person or a group, but power to better your own life and those you cherish.

That`s why I thought it could be very, very useful if those who wanted to share their sources of information, or tools that they use to follow and understand Nokia, as well as how its share are traded, could do so here.

My sources are few and simple, but I will also share an example that I received in a Stocktalk on Thursday that impressed me.

News on Nokia: go to Set up an alert on Nokia to send you by email news as often as you wish via email. Staying on the news page itself and adding Nokia as a topic of interest can also be useful.

Stock movement: 1) again here I am very simple. I go to and have set up a portfolio. When I set it up Google was one of the rare places where you could get a real-time price feed for free.

2) On Thursday I believe Seppo included a link to Nasdaq Nordic where NOK1V is traded. It includes info on upcoming blocks and their bid-ask price:

Portfolio management: again Google Finance helps me keep track on my portfolio that I have divided in two separate brokerage accounts: CIBC Investor's Edge and RBC Self-Directed. Why two brokerages? I am glad you asked. See fees below.

Fees: 1) $6.95 per trade at CIBC Investor's Edge. The only reason I still have money here is a family connection and because we have other products with them that keeps fees lower. However if you buy US or other foreign cos in currencies other than Canadian, you will get squeezed both ways. That is why I created a second account.

2) RBC Self-Directed Investing: RBC offers Registered Retirement Savings Plans in Canadian and US currencies with the obvious benefit of saving on change fees on transactions. Once you have money in the US account there are no more change fees. Trust me, 1% or more in fees on every transaction hurts a lot.

That's it. I have a two-monitor setup but that is for my work as a computer tech not for stock monitoring. No expensive, customized stock monitoring software, charts and graphs, other than SMA on Google Finance.

I am a newbie. I don't follow or believe in technicals but I believe that it does have an impact on stock movement as many follow and act on it. The market is large enough to carry many truths, lies and perspectives.

Go ahead and share yours if you dare and don't fear giving away your advantage! Thank you in advance!

Disclosure: I am long NOK.