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URRE Set To Leverage For April Gains Reviewed By Ross Aldridge Consultants In Las Vegas Nevada

|Includes: SKF, Westwater Resources, Inc. (WWR)

Ross Aldridge Consultants located in Las Vegas Nevada begin the due diligence researched for the newest energy stock investments. Our research was based on various political, economical and ecological events that have shown a propensity for 100% investment return. After reviewing several long term chart analyticals we selected the following uranium mining and supply companies for our accreted investors portfolio.

The long term global energy concerns may hold the single most important investment opportunities as Social Media companies are venturing out to space, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, robotics. Fossil Fuels will not be powing the future because as the energy source was so properly coined many years ago…it's a fossil waiting to be covered up by the future and the future is here today! We will be providing additional companies that fit the matrix of investment grade soon. We are watching Uranium Resources Inc. based on a single investors conglomerate sell before recommending approach. However, Uranium Resources, Inc. appears to be positioned for exponential investment growth under the current economic climate. Please follow the like below to do your homework on URRE.


Uranium Resources Inc. URRE


As you may have guessed, its nuclear energy.

And specifically nuclear reactor fuel known as uranium.

Even though uranium has been beaten down in recent years...

A Trump tweet on December 21 ignited a massive rally in the yellow stuff.

If you didn't hear it, Trump called for a massive expansion in America's nuclear supply.

He gave a signal to Putin on MSNBC just days later, saying "let it be a nuclear arms race".

Now countries are racing to build their nuclear supply.

2017 Uranium Catalyst #1:

Trump Ignites Nuclear Arms Race

It goes beyond just the nuclear arms race though...

Trump LOVES nuclear energy, as much he does oil or coal.

Trump himself said in one interview...

I'm in favor of nuclear energy, very strongly in favor of nuclear energy. If a plane goes down, people keep flying. If you get into an auto crash, people keep driving."

His staff is on board too.

Energy Department head, Rick Perry, wants to deregulate the process of storing nuclear waste.

He also plans to streamline the licensing and permitting process for constructing new power plants.

That's HUGE for nuclear power.

Dozens of nuclear plants, held up by red tape, could begin construction soon... at a much lower cost.

The demand for uranium, already taking off, would surge through the roof.

It's clear:

The Trump Administration is the biggest catalyst for uranium in over 15 years!

Which is why uranium stocks are soaring for massive gains like 200% in just one month.

Doug Casey has been following uranium through his entire 50 year career...

He's spotted the last two dramatic supercycles, and the biggest winners.

Now here's what he has to say about the current upturn...

The uranium market - like that of most metals - is highly cyclical and very, very volatile. The time therefore to buy is when prices are low, when is exactly when most people are afraid to act. In my opinion, now is the time to act. This is especially true because of Donald Trump's election. He's actively working to promote the building of new nuclear plants and ease the burdens and regulations on mining uranium.

Now, this has sparked a new bull market in uranium. But so far it's just barely come off of historic lows. It could easily quadruple from current levels. And even then it would still be below its previous highs. The real profits, however, will be in the shares of uranium exploration and mining stocks. It's not unrealistic to expect the group to move 10 to 1. Some individual stocks will do much better. In past markets, there have actually been 100-to-1 shots.

Now when the market wants into gold stocks, it's like trying to force the contents of Hoover Dam through a garden hose. In the case of uranium stocks, it's more like trying to force it through a soda straw. Uranium stocks now present a rare opportunity in my opinion"

And I heard him get excited about all kinds of opportunities, including gold stocks in late 2015.

He called the gold bottom in November, and shortly after these miners surged for whopping 10-fold gains in just 6 months.

But let me tell you: in all my years, I've NEVER heard him so excited over any opportunity.

In a moment, I'll share with you the nuclear stocks that Doug and his team are watching to scoop the biggest profits in 2017 and beyond.

But first, let me be clear...

Trump isn't the only one sending the uranium price parabolic...

In total, there are three major events in 2017 that could launch uranium to new highs.

Including a supply crunch that's threatening to derail Trump's plans for a nuclear future.

Let me explain.

2017 Uranium Catalyst #2:

The "Saudi Arabia" of Uranium Cuts Production

Just as the new nuclear race heats up...

Uranium has entered a dramatic supply deficit caused by years of weak prices.

In 2011, there were 500 producers.

Now, many are dormant.

In total, we've seen a dramatic 96% cut in suppliers!

To add to that, the world's largest uranium producer, Kazakhstan, cut 10% of its mines.

Kazakhstan is like the Saudi Arabia of uranium, controlling nearly half of global production.

You already know that whenever the Saudis cut oil production, the price skyrockets.

Recently our team traveled to the Central Asian country that few have even heard about.

We talked to officials, and the mines are absolutely barren. Nobody is producing the stuff!

Our research suggests the price has stayed too low for them to export at a profit.

They would need uranium to soar from its recent low of $15 to over $40 before they kick into production again.

That's incredible.

The price would need to almost triple before we see uranium return to production.

During that time, uranium producers could soar as much as 10-, 50-, even 100-fold.

There's another twist to this story...

The Real Reason Trump and Putin Get Along?

Kazakhstan is also one of Vladimir Putin's closest allies.

And whereas his pals, the Kazakhs, produce most of the world's uranium...

One analyst puts Putin dominating 50% of the world's uranium enrichment - a key part of the fuel cycle.

The two nations are pretty much the "OPEC of uranium".

Perhaps that's why Trump and Putin are such close buddies.

Trump knows he has to get along with the Kremlin if he wants to build up America's nuclear supply!

At the other end of the supply chain...


Which brings me to my last catalyst...

2017 Uranium Catalyst #3:

Nuclear Power Rollout

All throughout Asia, nuclear is becoming the go-to source of energy.

China alone could more than DOUBLE the world's existing supply of nuclear reactors.

Mind you, that would power over half of their population with cheap, clean, reliable power.

The cost of this nuclear transition could reach a price tag of over $4 TRILLION.

This unprecedented project is already underway with over 60 power plants under construction.

Once completed, it will be one of the largest electricity feats achieved in human history.

In India, they're gearing up to power one-third of their 800 million people with nuclear energy.

They'll need over 100 power plants to do it - a potential $400 billion price tag.

So in China and India, the world's largest population centers, nuclear is shaping up to be a key power source.

To their east, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe is planning to ignite the nation's reactors once again.

Our team recently traveled to Japan, where folks all over said the cost of electricity is taking a toll on everyone.

Without nuclear, Japan is forced to import oil and gas for very expensive prices, leading to sky-high power bills.

They simply have no choice but to restart their reactors.

In fact, in order to meet their climate goals, Japan needs to almost DOUBLE its use of nuclear power.

So, in a nutshell, you've got...

Trump's nuclear tweet, further igniting a new race for uranium The supply crunch from the world's biggest producers now shutting their mines And hundreds of reactors being constructed or prepared in Asia, including China, India, and Japan

All told, these three catalysts are sparking a new supercycle that's only just beginning...

What's the upside potential?

Billionaire Rick Rule, an investing legend, called this"one of the biggest financial events of his life."


Now, allow me to share with you how to capture the biggest upside from the new uranium supercycle.

At this moment it trades for only 85 cents, but 2017 could be LAST YEAR it trades under $10.

Here's why...

2017 Uranium Supercycle Play #1:

Historic Gains on the Trump Nuclear Boom

This explorer may be tiny, but its mine isn't.

It's proven to have a whopping 106 million pounds.

And it's positioned right in the heart of Canada's famous Athabascan district.

Just to give you an idea...

If Kazakhstan is the Saudi Arabia of uranium, this region is West Texas.

And it owns the largest, shallowest, and purest unmined deposit of uranium in the region.

This is the kind of miner I call a "Super Junior".

For whatever reason, the markets simply haven't valued its enormous, high-quality assets.

In fact, right now it's 93% smaller than some of the largest producers.

But that's won't last for long...

At this moment it's drilling on its property now, growing its deposit and searching for a new discovery.

This April, it's scheduled to release its next resource estimate. And experts project it to DOUBLE in size.

Which is equal to about $1 billion worth of uranium - even at very weak prices! Now of course this isn't something to go chasing, which is why my recommendation has a strict buy up to price, but time is of the essence.

You see this is all unfolding right now, just as the Trump nuclear race is taking off.

The major new discoveries combined with the raging uranium boom could send the share price vertical.

In the meantime, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese are eying this tiny miner.

They need Canada's uranium to supply their massive nuclear reactor fleet. They're looking for specific grades of pure uranium, in large quantities. And this mine checks all of their boxes.

That's why a major Chinese nuclear firm bought a 20% stake in this company. It's the only way they'll get cheap, top-grade uranium for their reactors. The deal even gave it "first-dibs" on over at least one-third of this mine's production!

But it's likely not done yet...

In the coming months, as the price of uranium skyrockets, I expect a bidding war for a buyout.

One that could send its shares soaring past $10.

This will likely happen sometime around the April resource estimate launch. So time is of the essence.

What's the upside potential?

The long term global energy concerns may hold the single most important investment opportunities as Social Media companies are venturing out to space, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, robotics. Fossil Fuels will not be powering the future because as the energy source was so properly coined many years ago…it's a fossil waiting to be covered up by the future and the future is here today!

Disclosure: I am/we are long SKF, URRE.