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Aug. 28, 2012 7:04 AM ET
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Michael Michaud is the founder owner of ( He has been investing and trading in the financial markets since 1989.

He founded to empower independent and institutional investors traders to take control of their financial destiny by providing them education training mentorship and support for them to research analyze invest and trade in the markets successfully in the long-term.

As he says, "With knowledge, dated goals, a plan of action, then taking action, profitable investing and trading success will only be a matter of time."

Profit Agent Free Training Webinars

August 29, 30, 31

Register Now To See Profit Agent Create a Massive Passive Income Stream for You

I have good news and bad news for you. Bad news: those who got on the Profit Agent "cut in line" list registered in record numbers, so we may have to shut down registration a bit early.

I can't say for sure at the moment when we are closing the doors, but it will be very soon, so you need to take action quickly to ensure you get a spot.

Now for the good news: we have just put together a fantastic Training Webinar that is going to show you the Profit Agent software in greater depth. Click the link above to register.

If you don't know anything about FOREX, but want to know how Profit Agent creates profits so well, here's your chance to get a peek "behind the curtains". Seats are limited so hit that link now.

Or, if you are an active FOREX trader and want to switch to a passive income stream, but have questions about how the strategy itself works behind the scenes, this is your chance to ask it.

Of course you want more training and education on building wealth and a secure financial future, and you want it at no cost, and there's no better way to become a smarter, better investor than by attending this event.

The webinar is about 60 minutes in length plus the open Q&A at the end, and you'll get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how to get started making a huge passive income stream with zero effort.

I'm I am going to show you how easy making money can really be. This is a fun webinar and it will help you build massive amounts of wealth, so register now before it fills up.

Lock in your seat at one of the convenient times, they are next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at:

5 AM Eastern (great if you are in Europe)

1 PM Eastern

8PM Eastern

This webinar will answer ALL of your questions. It will also get you started making money with the exact same method I am using to enjoy potentially tens of thousands of dollars per month in 'extra income'.

If you can't make the webinars or if you already know that you are ready to register for Profit Agent, you can do so before we shut the doors by using this link:

So what is the bottom line? If you thought you would have more financial security by now, a larger house, or perhaps even retired in comfort, but you are still working, then this is the ideal opportunity for you.

Few people are truly satisfied with their money situation, but in my experience, it's the ones who get informed, take action, and stay the course who win the game of life. That is what you need to do now, and that starts with clicking the link.

If you're a FOREX trader having a tough time making consistent results and profits, then it's time to change course and do what is proven to get results, right?

"I am very impressed with your Profit Agent software . . . I am up over $8,000 and still climbing. At that rate I could reach $200K in one year!"

"I started to look at Forex and the possibilities of using software to trade in the market to make up for my total lack of trading knowledge. I was also forced to go back to work and hoped that at some time I would find a [tool] that actually worked . . . [and now my] account is already up by 7.4% in closed trades which I can honestly say amazes me"

I can't make it any easier - register for Profit Agent now or sign up for one of the training webinars. Pick one of these two options now to avoid regret.

Remember that the doors are closing soon on registrations and after that NO ONE gets access. So choose the earliest webinar time slot that you can make, or just invest today at the Profit Agent link above.

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