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Hot Top-Down Industry Trends To Invest In

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November 14, 2012 - Hot Top-Down Industry Trends to Invest In by Zacks Investment Research

I thought an interesting little piece would be to investigate what industries are on the move in Zacks Industry Ranking terms this week. What I have here are four industries that have the highest recent movement up in Zacks Industry Ranks.

I found two broad macro top-down trends are alive and well here, kicking up a lot of dust inside the Zacks Industry Ranks. What this means? These industries earnings estimate revisions are rising much more rapidly than other industries.


With North American oil and gas production rising on the back of new technologies, it makes a lot of sense to invest in companies driving the fresh oil and gas production growth.

One company highlighted is in Electronic Measuring Instruments industry. It is involved in the sophisticated electronic acquisition and monitoring of oil and gas wells. Related to this fresh production growth trend is a strong Zacks Industry Rank for the Biofuels industry. One company highlight is a Biofuels company that can convert carbon-bearing gas, liquids, and solids into usable hydrocarbons using a proprietary technology.

What this tells us? If you are looking for an investible Energy sector play, look into the companies that supply the sophisticated know-how and technology that is driving the fresh growth in N. American production.

A. Strong Energy Industry - Electronic Measuring Instruments

Rising +117 in the last week. Now Zacks Ranked 47th out of 265 industries.

Company Highlight: Geospace Technologies Corporation (Zacks Rank #1) is engaged in the designing and manufacturing of scientific instrumentation and equipment used in the acquisition and processing of seismic data, as well as in the characterization and monitoring of producing oil and gas reservoirs. The Company also manufactures and distributes thermal imaging equipment and dry thermal film products. Geospace's seismic products consist of land and marine nodal seismic data acquisition systems; multi-component geophones and hydrophones; seismic leader wires; geophone string and acquisition system connectors; seismic telemetry cables; marine seismic cable retrieval and steering devices; and data acquisition systems. It also designs and manufactures non-seismic products, including industrial products, offshore cables, thermal printing equipment and film.

B. Strong Energy Industry - Biofuels

Rising +83 in the last week. Now Zacks Ranked 100th out of 265 industries.

Company Highlight: Rentech, Inc. (Zacks #1 Rank) has developed and owns a proprietary and patented gas-to-liquids process that converts carbon bearing gases, liquids and solids into valuable liquid hydrocarbon products. The technology works with various feedstocks, including natural gas and industrial off-gas, heavy crude oil and refinery byproducts, and coal and petroleum coke, among other carbon-bearing materials.


The second trend is good old-fashioned consumption growth. We see that in the cool days of November, a fresh produce maker is making a strong rise. And look at a company marketing and distributing over-the-counter drugs, personal care, and household cleaning products in the U.S. and Canada.

What this tells us? If you are looking for a fresh Consumer play, focus on something with broad appeal that can track the strong movement in overall U.S. consumption growth and the improvement in U.S. consumer confidence.

A. Strong Consumer Products Industry - Agricultural Operations

Rising +112 in the last week. Now Zacks Ranked 66th out of 265 industries.

Company Highlight: Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. (Zacks #1 Rank, with an Outperform rating) is a world leader in the production, distribution and marketing of fresh produce. The products are marketed throughout the world under the DEL MONTE brand name, which is a widely recognized symbol of product quality and reliability. The major products are bananas, pineapples, deciduous fruit and melons. The deciduous fruit the company sells includes primarily grapes, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots, cherries, apples, pears and citrus.

B. Strong Consumer Products Industry - Miscellaneous Discretionary

Rising +66 in the last week. Now Zacks Ranked 105th out of 265 industries.

Company Highlight: Prestige Brands Holdings (Zacks #1 Rank) is a marketer and distributor of brand name over- the-counter drug, personal care and household cleaning products sold throughout the United States and Canada. Key brands include Compound W wart remover, Chloraseptic sore-throat relief products, New-Skin liquid bandage, Clear eyes and Murine eye and ear care products, Little Remedies pediatric over-the-counter healthcare products, Cutex nail polish remover, Comet and Spic & Span household cleaner and several other well-recognized brands.

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November 14, 2012 - Hot Top-Down Industry Trends to Invest In - Review Entire Article Below

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