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Fund Manager Of The Year Nominees

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December 14, 2012 - Fund Manager of the Year Nominees - by Morningstar Investment Research

Here is your weekly update highlighting the top feature articles published recently by Morningstar.

Tune In for Morningstar's Fund Manager of the Year Nominees It's that time of year again when we make our nominations for the best fund managers across several categories. These nominations not only reflect performance and portfolio decisions in 2012 but also consider long-term records. We want to reward managers who not only had topnotch returns this year, but who have demonstrated their abilities over time as well.

This week we have already released our lists of nominees for Domestic-Stock Fund Manager of the Year and Inte rnational-Stock Fund Manager of the Year.

Be sure to tune in to next week to see Manager of the Year nominations for the Fixed-Income (Dec. 17), Alternatives (Dec. 18), and Allocation (Dec. 19) categories. All of the winners will be announced in the first week of January.

Among the other topics we addressed this week:

Up-and-Coming Overseas Small/Mid-Cap Funds. These funds may be young or small, but they have lots of potential.

These Funds Are Set to Make Hefty Taxable Distributions. It looks to be a fairly quiet year for capital gains payouts, but a few funds stand out.

Apple Not Only Large-Cap Bargain. Recent weakness has left these large-cap stocks looking attractive.

TIPS ETFs Fight Inflation . . . But Not the Kind You Expect. 'Inflation-protected' doesn't always translate to inflation hedging. It's time to debunk common myths about the role of TIPS and the ETFs that buy them.

Fidelity Lowers Minimums and Fees on Index Funds. Blackstone drafts an alternative open-end fund, and eight former Regions Morgan Keegan mutual fund directors are charged by the SEC for failing to comply with federal securities law.

Earning Bondlike Payments With Equity Participation. Despite uncertainty around regulations, this preferred-stock fund is thriving.

AbbVie's Outlook Highly Dependent on Well-Positioned Humira. A weak pipeline and heavy reliance on one drug support a narrow moat, in contrast to the wide moats of most Big Pharma firms.

Will Diminishing Agricultural Inputs Hinder Our Ability to Feed a Growing Population? Long-term constraints vary among soil, fertilizers, water, seeds, and equipment.

PowerShares Rolls Out Actively Managed, Downside Hedge ETF. The SEC lifts its moratorium on derivatives in actively managed ETFs, and IndexIQ will close a thinly traded emerging-markets ETF.

Corporations Take Advantage of Low Yields. Considering the uncertainty in future tax policy driven by the fiscal cliff negotiations, we suspect there will be one last push of new bond issues as corporations evaluate debt-funded special dividends.

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