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QuantShare Trading Software

QuantShare Trading Software

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QuantShare is an advanced trading software that offers a unique charting experience, several backtesting features and can handle multiple databases. It includes a lot of plug-ins, like the downloader, the composite, the watch-list, the neural network prediction tool.

This trading software supports US and international markets and can be used by stock, forex, options, futures... traders.

We have built a flexible trading software whose possibilities are only limited by your imagination. But because we wanted to provide something unique, we have created a sharing server where you can exchange items or objects with other traders in order to feed your imagination, bring you new ideas, give you the opportunity to use advanced traders tools, and help you improve your trading skills.

QuantShare Trading Software Features

Create trading systems programmatically or using the wizard.

Get a detailed report about your trading system performance, includes several ratios, realized and non realized trades details, performance per sector, per industry or per market, performance per holding period, custom ratios, time-series ratios.

Optimize your trading systems using formula variables or money management variables.

Create list of rules, backtest them or use them with other plug-ins like the Optimizer plug-in.

Create ranking systems and analyze their performance.

Use custom output when back-testing list of rules or ranking systems, and get anwsers to questions like: what rules or set of rules make the stock volatility increase?.

Include custom indicators, database fields, news, fundamental data in your trading system, list of rules and ranking system formulas.

Create complex trading systems with the advanced money management tool. Simulate the optimal F, Kelly , Fixed Fractional Trades or any other money management techniques.

Download already built list of rules, ranking systems, trading systems and money management scripts from our sharing server.

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