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Building Long-Term Predictable Wealth

Portfolio Prophet
Building Long-Term Predictable Wealth with the “Portfolio Prophet"

Ever since Bill Poulos of Profits Runs Trading released his first "Portfolio Prophet" training video earlier this week, there has been a LOT of interest and flat-out EXCITEMENT from traders & investors all around the world . . .

(For PROOF, check out the 500+ comments that hit his private training site in just a couple of days.)

Not surprisingly, most people seem to be interested in how his software protects you from the inevitable market crashes (and hyper-inflation) that will continue to wipe out and decimate peoples' portfolios.

But there's also been a LOT of questions . . . so Bill just recorded a special short video that addresses the top 3:

1. What exactly will I get when I order the Portfolio Prophet?

2. Does the Portfolio Prophet generate trade alerts for "shorting" the market?

3. How much will it cost?

Click here to see this short video:

I hope this addresses some of the questions you have about Bill's awesome new software that predicts emerging "mini trends" in the best markets (and avoids huge market crashes, protecting you in CASH).

Don't forget - you get to DOWNLOAD the Portfolio Prophet software on Monday, March 21st, at 1pm Eastern (New York time).

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