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Technical Trading Software

Compare top ranked real-time & end-of-day stock option futures forex commodity market technical trading software and systems. Many come with Free Trials.

How to Trade in a Fast-Moving Bear Market

The Portfolio Prophet Stocks Trend Trade Alert Software
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Forex Profit Multiplier

Free Video! How To Predict the 8-Hour Forex Trend. Plus, How to Multiply Your Profit Potential in 60 Seconds or Less


QuantShare - Trading Software for Stock, Forex and Futures Traders

QuantShare is an advanced trading software that offers a unique charting experience, several backtesting features and can handle multiple databases. It includes a lot of plug-ins, like the downloader, the composite, the watch-list, the neural network prediction tool. This trading software supports US and international markets and can be used by stock, forex, options, futures, traders. We have built a flexible trading software whose possibilities are only limited by your imagination. But because we wanted to provide something unique, we have created a sharing server where you can exchange items or objects with other traders in order to feed your imagination, bring you new ideas, give you the opportunity to use advanced traders tools, and help you improve your trading skills.


Equis International - Metastock
Stock Charting and Technical Analysis Software
Free 30 Day Trial
Whether you're an experienced active trader or just learning how to trade, the MetaStock product line helps you succeed. Our powerful analysis tools lead you to more informed decisions about which markets to trade and when to buy and sell. In fact, 84% of our customers report that they've been successful using MetaStock! Whether you trade stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, FOREX, or indices, we have the tools you need. MetaStock is 14-time winner of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine Reader's Choice Award for best analysis software.

The Secrets of Successful Traders

The Secrets of Successful Traders Free Book.

Serious traders need serious tools. That's why MetaStock, the leading maker of technical analysis software, developed "Secrets of Successful Traders." More than a casual overview, this FREE book is a great introduction to technical analysis as it relates to trading. Industry experts like Robert Deel, Steven Nison, John Bollinger, and others share their secrets to success in the marketplace. Learn how to manage the highs and lows of trading. Discover the "16 Rules of Investology." Find out how candlestick charts can help you spot early turning signals and enhance your trading power.


A Special Offer from MetaStock

Includes discounted pricing, free live training, free data, free home-study training materials, and more. A complete technical analysis charting software platform with free investing trading training.

MTPredictor Trading Software

MTPredictor Trading Software
Low-Risk High-Reward Trading

MTPredictor Trading Software that finds, evaluates and manages high reward low risk trade setups in stocks, forex, futures, options, indexes, currencies and commodities. For margin leverage trading accounts, the software comes with an automatic money management function to correctly position size and not over leverage. Scan for low risk high reward trades on all timeframes. Assess the reward risk of every trade - before you trade. Determine your optimum trade size. Control trade management with precision. New for Forex Traders - MetaTrader4 Real-Time Data Support Included

Nison Candle Scanner

Steve Nison's Candle Scanner Software

Reduce hours of tedious candle charting analysis to just minutes easily with one click. Save hours of precious time, and boost your trading profits with candlestick guru Steve Nison's Candle Scanner. All of the filtering and analysis that Nison Candle Scanner performs for you is done instantaneously over the Internet using proprietary filtering technology that alerts you to candlestick patterns in real-time. You can filter all daily or longer term markets (plus intraday for alerts), all the time, and have only those meeting pre-specified criteria instantly be called to your attention. What could be easier and more powerful!


Track 'n Trade Commodity Futures Forex Stocks Trading Software
Download Free Trial
of Track 'n Trade Ultimate Trading Machine Software. Trade with the infamous Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-in! You can also set up your own unique trading systems using the Autopilot for Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures or Forex. Practice Trading with Track 'n Trade Charting Software. Forex & Stocks trading software each have the ability to paper trade using real data. Don't risk a penny until you gain confidence with practice. Extensive training, support, and customer service. Each product you invest in includes multimedia educational training that actually shows you how to use each tool. Track 'n Trade High Finance Plug-ins. Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures + Advanced Tools Plug-in Data Services. Track 'n Trade High Finance Data Services. Educational Courses.

Worden Brothers Telechart

Worden Brothers - Telechart & TC2000 Trading Platforms
Stock Market Charting Data Research and Online Market Tools
Free Trial
Download the Telechart Software and trial free for 30 days. Stock data going back to 1982. Lightning fast charting, scanning, and sorting. Online training and discussion forums. Telechart features speed to view more charts per session, simplicity, with 20 years of historical data, and a additional free bonus of a tutorial video set. Voted best charting software for 2006 by readers of Stock & Commodities Magazine. Voted best in its category since 1993. Daily weekly trading strategies videos, notes, and reports.

IntrepidTrader 4 Elliott Wave & Option Trading Software

IntrepidTrader 4 Elliott Wave & Option Trading Software

If you've been trading for a while, You probably realize that professional grade Elliott Wave Software trading software can be very expensive. If you trade the stocks, futures, commodities, FOREX and options markets, you could end up having to purchase and maintain several software packages just to trade the markets you want. But, IntrepidTrader has a 30 day guarantee. And, when you decide to keep it, just pay only $197 per month. You can cancel at any time. Option trading software is usually designed for analyzing options only. The problem with this, of course, is that some traders use technical analysis to determine where a market is likely to go. So, with option trading, they find themselves having to purchase more than one piece of software to accommodate their trading style. However, IntrepidTrader combines sophisticated technical analysis techniques, such as the Elliott Wave theory, with option trading analytics to allow traders to easily find trading opportunities without the time consuming and cumbersome effort of using two different pieces of software.

DecisionBar Trading Software
DecisionBar Trading Software Zeros In On Perfect Trading Opportunities In Real Time, and removes The Deadly Guessing from Picking Winners! Free "3 Dangerous Trading Myths".
DecisionBar places historical trading signals on your chart exactly where they would have occurred in real time, so you can review them and optimize your trades for current market conditions. Support and resistance (supply and demand) change from minute to minute. DecisionBar automatically charts and adjusts support and resistance levels in real time. DecisionBar generates trading signals in real time based on supply, demand, and volume, which means whenever the price of a security breaks a support or resistance line (called a Breakdown or Breakout) or fails to break a support or resistance line (called a Failure) or appears to have run its course (called an Exhaustion), you can make a decision whether you want to enter a trade or exit a trade you've already made. You'll also receive secondary reversal warnings to notify you of potential reversals. These warnings allow you to exit trades that don't materialize before you take a loss.

Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader Platform and Zen-Fire
Free Demo
Ninja Trader ZenFire is the combined result of an industry leading trading platform powered by an institutional grade trading engine that is managed by an experienced team of network professionals. Solutions for self-directed traders, automated systems and API developers all in one package. Zen-Fire provides the speed, reliability and functionality needed for trading and centralizes back-office setup and order management for enhanced risk management.

Nison Candle Scanner Trading Software

CandleStick Trading Software for NinjaTrader


MultiCharts Trading Platform Trading Software for Backtesting and Automated Trading Stocks Forex
Free Trial
of MultiCharts trading software for professional automated trading featuring advanced analytics, trading strategy backtestig and optimization. MultiCharts is a professional technical analysis and automated trading software, featuring professional charting, advanced analytics, strategy optimization and backtesting. With MultiCharts, you gain the chart analysis, trading strategies, backtesting and order execution options you need to stay on the winning side. Our automated trading platform is EasyLanguage®-Friendly. This means you can use MultiCharts trading software immediately without needing to learn another language, and quickly and easily access a wealth of research and analyses.

Market Analyst

Market Analyst - Technical Analysis Charting Software
Download Free Trial
You need your charting package to be flexible. You need software that is extensible - able to grow with your education. You need your data to be reliable. We understand, and that is why Market Analyst is the program you need for your technical analysis. Market Analyst contains many unique features not found in any other charting application in the world. If you would like to find out how Market Analyst can give you the edge in your trading then read on, or download a copy right now.

William Gann

Market Analyst Gann Trading Software

Technical Analysis Trading Software. Market Analyst has created a Trading Software that repeats many of Gann's techniques in a charting application that traders like you who are not mathematicians could still use the advanced techniques that Gann used to assist his trading. Over the last decade we have met with many of the greatest educators who use Gann techniques in their trading, learning from them how to apply these techniques in an advanced charting application.

Nirvana Systems

Nirvana Systems Real-Time Trading Software
OmniTrader - VisualTrader - SignalWatch
Download a Free Trial
of the OmniTrader VisualTrader or SignalWatch softwares designed to help you Trade the Moves. By automating technical analysis, Nirvana Systems gives you the power to make decisions fast! No other software gives traders the real-time trading signals with all of the supporting information automatically displayed on the screen. Nirvana Systems is the only software that generates Buy and Sell Signals based on the "personality" of each security in a given list. Nirvana Systems signals are exceptionally accurate with it's built in Adaptive Reasoning Model.

Traderhr - Ultimate Site for Swing Traders

Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Software

100% automated artificial intelligence stock picking software. Stock Assault 2.0 uses advanced custom developed artificial engines to process stock data. It uses live and historical stock symbol pricing and charts to predict future trends. Once it finds a stock that it feels it can accurately predict, it will display it on your screen. Large banks and trading organizations have used technology like this for years but never made it available to their clients or the public. Stock Assault provides this revolutionary investing trading sofware technology to the average investor trader now.