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Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Live March 31

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Los Angeles Unfair Advantage Live Event

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Los Angeles Unfair Advantage Live Event March 31

Attend the Los Angeles Event or Watch It Online

The bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad will be sharing powerful insights and personal strategies for achieving long-term financial independence no matter your age, financial condition, or standing in life.

Be face-to-face with bestselling author, entrepreneur, and dynamic educator Robert Kiyosaki, who will be joined by a panel of his most respected and informed advisors. Together, they will share their perspective on how you can reach your goals and dreams in these challenging economic times!

Nowhere else will you have an opportunity like this one to experience the wisdom and intuition of Robert and his team in the areas of cash flow, credit, inflation, taxes, debt, and much much more! You'll learn in an experiential environment alongside like-minded individuals in their quest to reach their personal and financial goals.

Find out how you, too, can emerge into the RICH LIFE through health, wellness, power, and spiritual awakening - through financial control!

Reserve your seat today and receive an immediate download to an unreleased BONUS CHAPTER from Robert's new book Unfair Advantage!

Get The Unfair Advantage

Watch Robert & Kim Kiyosaki as they show you the Power of Financial Education

Do you know why the rich get richer? It’s because they know how to take advantage of every financial situation. Do you have this knowledge? Probably not…because no one taught you!

In 2011 my team is on a mission to change the financial literacy of millions of people. Join us online for this ground-breaking live event and I will show you how to level the playing field so you too can join the rich!

You’ll walk away from this event with a clear understanding of the five unfair advantages the rich have and how you can apply them:

1. The Unfair Advantage of Knowledge

2. The Unfair Advantage of Taxes

3. The Unfair Advantage of Debt

4. The Unfair Advantage of Risk

5. The Unfair Advantage of Compensation

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