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Building A Profitable Trading Plan

Successful Trading Plan Free eBook

No Trading Plan is a Plan for Trading Failure!

I've noticed one disturbing fact about most traders.

Most traders do not have a solid trading plan and by "Solid", I mean, a plan with proper money and risk management elements, clearly defined entry and exit parameters
and high probability trade definitions, just to name a few key elements.

You cannot expect consistent trading success without a clear trading path to follow.

Norman Hallett of the Discipline Trader is arguably the most respected "trading discipline" trainer in the world, would is providing a special free gift for a limited time.

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Whether you trade Stocks, Forex, Futures or Options, having a solid trading plan is the first giant step you must take to be a consistent winning trader.

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Tired of missing trades, chasing trades and, worse yet, making 'revenge trades'?

After helping thousands of traders over the last 11 years to be more Disciplined in their trading, it's clear that your First Giant Step to consistent winning trading is having a SOLID Trading Plan and ALL the steps to do so ARE covered in his eBook, which is now yours free for a few days.

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