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MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer Scanner

MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer Scanner

Technical Fundamental Scanner with MetaStock Pro 11

MetaStock 11 is here. Twenty-seven years in the making, it includes more power, more features, and more tools for traders of all levels. It's time to take back the market. It's time for MetaStock 11.

My Favorite MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer is the Estimates Tab

You can scan stocks based on increasing or decreasing earnings estimates just like Zacks Investment Research does for their winning stock picks and portfolios. Increasing or decreasing earnings estimates from the analysts are a proven forecaster of higher or lower stock prices in the near term. Long-term, buying and selling stocks based on increasing or decreasing earnings estimates is a proven way to provide low-risk high-reward return.

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New MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer Exclusively Available in MetaStock Pro with QuoteCenter

Technical analysis charting is a powerful tool, period. However in today's market, the more information you have about the companies you trade, the better. Armed with clean, reliable, and organized fundamental data, your trades are more informed and you are more confident.

With a few clicks of your mouse, the MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer lives up to its name by providing just about anything you could possibly need to know about US and select global markets. From PE Ratios and Earnings per share to Dividend Yield and Shares Outstanding, the list of fundamental data is comprehensive and categorized so you can go way beyond scratching the surface on a firm and determine if its stock is over or under valued.

MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer includes 5 powerful sections:

Fundamental Tab – View at a glance the exchange, Industry Sector, Market Cap, Avg. 21-Day Volume, 52-Week High and Low and much, much more.

Revenue Tab – Divided into two sections, this tab shows Quarterly and Annual Net Income Compared to Revenue including: Revenue, Net Income, and Percent fields for both the last 8 quarters and 4 years.

Performance Tab – Displays Annual earnings per share, Annual Dividends, Annual Growth Rate, and Percent Changes to S&P 500 over a variety of periods.

Estimates Tab – Displays EPS Quarterly Estimates and Total Revenue Quarterly Estimates going out 4 quarters, as well as EPS Annual Estimates and Total Revenue Annual Estimates going out 4 years.

Scanner Tab – perhaps the most unique feature of the MetaStock Fundamental Analyzer, this powerful tool allows you to search for companies based on a variety of fundamental criteria including: Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Minimum Average Volume, Minimum EPS, Minimum PE Ratio, Minimum Dividend Yield, and Minimum Beta. The results can then be sorted by Closing Price, Average Volume, EPS, Annual Dividend, PE Ratio, Beta, Company Name, Group, and Sector. You can even scan a list you created from the MetaStock Explorer and vice versa – it’s a great way to create a technical analysis/fundamental analysis workflow.

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