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Stock Watch List or Stock Portfolio?

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July 09, 2011 - Stock Watch List or Stock Portfolio? - by Morningstar Investment Research

I've noticed that Morningstar Portfolio Manager offers me two options--"Create a Portfolio" or "Create a Watch List." What are the differences and how do I know which one to pick?

Morningstar assistant site editor Esther Pak noted that Morningstar Portfolio Manager tool allows investors to input and track holdings in two different ways--by creating a watch list or a transaction portfolio. She recently highlighted the unique features of both the watch list and the transaction portfolio as well as other tools that investors can use with the portfolio management tools on Click here to read more.

A Supplemental Portfolio Checklist for Retirees

Morningstar site editor Jason Stipp recently sat down with Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz to discuss additional steps retirees and pre-retirees should take when managing their portfolios. Below is an excerpt of the discussion.

Stipp: So inflation protection is obviously critical, but how do you execute that? What sorts of investments should you be looking at and how much of those investments?

Benz: Well, good question. We had a healthy debate at the Morningstar Investment Conference about the role of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities in portfolios. All of the panelists agreed that TIPS are a great idea, but I think there was some concern about valuations in the TIPS market. But I do think, long-term, that people who have a large share of their portfolios in fixed-income investments, do want to have a component of TIPS in the portfolio; that's the most direct way to hedge against inflation. If you want a long-term way to outgun inflation, I think every retirement portfolio does need to include stocks because their growth potential is certainly better than fixed-income investments. They are the only thing that give you a fighting shot at outpacing inflation long term. Click here to watch the entire video (transcript included).

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