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US Unemployment Report & Forex Futures Scalping

Today's US Non-Farm Payroll Report and Unemployment Rate Data Report

Its the day after July 4th USA Independence day and the markets largest economic data report in the financial universe . . . the US Non-Farm Payroll report.

The non-farm payroll report is the monthly change in employment excluding the farming sector. Non-farm payrolls is the most closely watched indicator in the Employment Situation, considered the most comprehensive measure of job creation in the US. Such a distinction makes the NFP figure highly significant, given the importance of labor to the US economy. Specifically, political pressures come into play, as the Fed is responsible for keeping employment in a healthy range and utilizes interest rate changes to do so. A surge in new Non-farm Payrolls suggests rising employment and potential inflation pressures, which the Fed often counters with rate increases. On the other hand, a consistent decline in Non-farm Employment suggests a slowing economy, which makes a decline in rates more likely.

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