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Why Index Funds and ETFs Add Value to Your Retirement Toolkit

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August 06, 2011 - Why Index Funds and ETFs Add Value to Your Retirement Toolkit - by Morningstar Investment Research

Simplifying your portfolio during retirement is on your mind, if the thread on's Investing During Retirement forum is any guide. Several posters noted that they'd taken steps toward simplifying by hiring advisors and created backup plans. Should they become disabled or pre-decease their noninvesting spouses, their investment plans wouldn't founder. For other posters in or nearing retirement, simplifying their investing lives has revolved around streamlining their once-sprawling lists of holdings: Consolidating investments with a single provider and opting for sturdy funds that span multiple asset classes were two frequently cited techniques for building an uncomplicated, set-it-and-forget-it retirement portfolio. Morningstar's director of personal finance Christine Benz explains why even die-hard prop onents of active management should consider using index funds or exchange-traded funds when seeking dividend income, tight asset allocation control, and tax efficiency.

How to Safeguard Against Identity Theft

I've been hearing a lot about cases of identity theft. How can I protect myself? Is this something I can do on my own, or is it better to use a paid service of some kind?

Morningstar assistant site editor Esther Pak answers this question, emphasizing that consumers have a few options to ward against identity theft, ranging from free fraud alerts to paid credit-monitoring and identity-protection services. Choosing the right level of protection for you depends on your risk of identity theft and how much time you have.

Among the other topics we addressed this week:

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Minding Miners' Beta and Leverage Gold miners or bullion given uncertain U.S. debt circumstances.

CEF Spotlight: A 5-Star Leveraged High-Yield Bond CEF Year in and year out, this fund has successfully navigated the credit cycle.

Flight to High-Quality Corporate Bonds It's hard to argue against owning Microsoft bonds at a spread over Treasuries.

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Four Tiny but Potent Mutual Funds Let's get really contrarian.

Steering Clear of Government Bonds? Some users have been dumping Treasuries and GNMAs, while others argue against taking drastic action.

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