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Gold Trading Secrets in a Volatile Market

That’s how one famous trader described the market during one of his most profitable periods as a trader.

Andy, the engineer who turned $1,600 into $1.4 million in five months during 2011, says that statement perfectly describes his recent success.

(If you missed his story, click here to hear it and get the secret behind his success.)

He actually uses the same method, and found a sector with the same market conditions, the other trader was describing.

This is part of the three-legged combination of factors that are responsible for his million dollar profit.

In today’s video, you get that three-legged combination. You also get to see how other traders use it to turn tiny accounts into giant accounts.

Traders like:

A 19-year-old trader who borrowed $1,600 to start trading, and became a millionaire by the time he was 26.

A 52-year-old contractor who went from making $50,000 a year at his full-time job, to making millions from his $11,000 trading account, and a trader who started with about $5,000 and 12 years later ended up with $15 million using the same basic approach.

It’s a fascinating story. Click here to hear these inspiring trading stories.

It’s a great piece of market history. You have all these traders trading across different markets, at different times. They’re all using the same trading strategy.

They’re all in sectors with the same market conditions.

They all turn a tiny account into over a million dollars; in some cases, over ten million dollars.

I highly recommend you watch this free video.

I’m willing to bet that you will have at least one “aha!” moment when you watch this video.

Click here to watch it now.

It’ll help your trading even if it turns out that you don’t personally want to trade Andy’s strategy.

Can you guess what trading strategy Andy uses? I’ll even tell you what sector he
trades—gold and silver. What do you think is working like crazy in that market, and let him turn $1,600 into $1.4 million in five months?

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