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Profitable Hedging in a Economic Crisis

November 21, 2011 - Gold and Silver: The Right Hedge Against Today's Economic Crisis? - By Elliott Wave International

The comment below begins Robert Prechter's November Elliott Wave Theorist -- and it's an almost-obvious statement of fact.

"The vast majority of people who recommend investing in precious metals present them as a hedge against economic crisis."

Yet it's his next sentence that is, shall we say, a bit more provocative.

"But they are not."

Please hear me out. I won't ask for much of your time, or attempt to speak for Bob Prechter (if three decades in the business mean anything, it's that he can speak for himself).

What I do wish to convey is why it's especially wise for you to consider Prechter's current forecast right now -- specifically, by highlighting two uniquely important insights that you'll discover in the current Theorist.

1) A history-based analysis of when precious metals are -- and are not -- the right "hedge" asset. That's what Prechter begins to address in the quotes above. I said I won't put words in his mouth, but I do offer this hint: Long-term precious metals trends reflect social mood. In this light, Prechter's analysis is the only thing that makes sense.

2) A full page, 40-plus year chart of silver prices. You will see this chart only in the November Elliott Wave Theorist. It shows the four periods of major price declines in silver, and makes abundantly and undeniably clear precisely what these periods of decline have in common.

These are the "two" insights I mentioned, yet the November Theorist delivers many others -- including a wealth of charts and a section titled "Today's Trends Are Very Much Like Those of 1929-1933, Only Bigger and Slower."

Yet for all it offers, this month's Theorist simply adds to the wealth of what can be on your screen with a Financial Forecast Service. It still includes the special video edition of the August Theorist (4 issues of the Theorist in all), 3 issues of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, and the Monday-Wednesday-Friday Short Term Update. Along with all the analysis and forecasts, the number of charts alone in this subscription totals more than 100.

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