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Money Managers and CEO of the Year Awards

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January 06, 2012 - Morningstar Announces Money Managers and CEO of the Year Awards - by Morningstar Investment Research

What a year to be a fund manager and the head of a publicly traded company. U.S. stocks experienced quite the roller-coaster ride in 2011, while foreign equities took a plunge. Overall, the most successful fund managers were able to keep perspective by staying focused on deep research within their circles of competency, and Morningstar's CEO of the Year kept his firm in good stead amid a shaky retail sector. Each year, Morningstar honors managers and a CEO who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to do what's right for shareholders, deliver superior long-term returns and produce strong results for the year, as well. We look for good stewards who have developed sound strategies. This is not an attempt to pick the best manager for the upcoming quarter or year, and it is not an award to a particular fund, fund compan y, stock, or stock company. Rather, it recognizes managers' and the CEO's achievements and contributions.

Among the other topics we addressed this week:

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