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Bear Markets, Lethal Flu and Hong Kong

Hong Kong

January 08, 2012 - Bear Markets, Lethal Flu and Hong Kong - By Elliott Wave International

Hong Kong is one of the world's most vibrant financial centers, yet its name is also synonymous with lethal influenza. It's the city where the H5N1 avian flu was discovered 15 years ago.

You probably knew that. But did you know that the H5N1 discovery -- and every major Hong Kong flu outbreak since then -- came at or near a low in the Hang Seng stock index?

Few people realize this. It takes an eye trained in Elliott wave analysis and socionomics to discern such a correlation.

The opening section of the January 2012 Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast gives you a thorough review of this phenomenon -- and comes to some surprising conclusions about the Hang Seng from here (as well as a possibility of another major flu outbreak.)

Also in the new, January 2012 Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast:

MARKET OVERVIEW: Among the 8 major regional markets, China, Taiwan and India continued falling to new lows in December. The other 5 did not. It's a telling divergence, and, in the words of the editor Mark Galasiewski, "My measured words may not convey what an interesting juncture markets have arrived at." Find out why inside.

INDIA: A prominent India bull at a major foreign brokerage recently threw in the towel. When Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski was interviewed by India’s Bloomberg UTV in late December, several domestic analysts on the show were also bearish. India's business community despairs about the country's political and financial paralysis. Add to that the triple zigzag Elliott wave pattern that Mark's been tracking in the Nifty's price charts -- and it's getting clearer why India is at the top of Mark's list of "most exciting markets for 2012."

JAPAN: As in India, investment institutions have basically given up -- which is precisely why you probably should not. Read more in the Japan section.

CHINA: Recent declines in the Shanghai Composite retraced about 61.8% of its 2008-2009 advance. Financial companies that led the market down have actually outperformed the Shanghai Composite for several months. The Elliott wave pattern that best describes action in China's stocks is a "triangle." Learn what that means for the trend in 2012.

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND: Following the 2009 low, analysts commonly cited the strength in China’s stock market to explain the rise in Australian and New Zealand stocks. They assumed that China’s roaring economy would pulling them along, since both nations export to China. Now the tables are turned -- details in the January issue.

Special Section: SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa’s FTSE/JSE Africa All Share Index has been one of the world’s strongest performing markets since the August 2011 lows. The rally has been so strong that The Economist published an optimistic cover story on Africa in December 2011. Find out what we see for South Africa based on this and other indicators. Also: A close look at an African nationalist Julius Malema -- and his political future -- through the Elliott wave prism.

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