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Super Traders Summit Dec 3

Van Tharp International Institute Trading Mastery
Super Trader Summit December 3-5
Peak Performance 203 Dec 6-7
Bear Market Workshop Dec 9-11

Our Super Trader program is the ultimate program for traders who are committed to becoming their best.

The mission of the Super Trader program is a total transformation of your trading and your life. It requires a substantial commitment of time and money. Over the program's two year period, you can expect to make dramatic improvements in your trading. Regardless of your previous trading experience, you and I will create a customized curriculum and objectives for your program.

Super Trader Program Entry Requirements

To enter the program, you will need to have completed the Peak Performance 101 Workshop. You will also need my approval based on either a personal interview or a letter of commitment.

Super Trader Program Structure

I have recently restructured the Super Trader program around a series of learning modules. Some of the modules are considered core topics and are required, while others are optional. Depending on the experience, desires, and objectives of the individual, I, along with the Super Trader candidate will craft a two-year curriculum of modules and other specific topics. The following are some of the modules you may complete while in the Super Trader Program:

Peak Performance: consisting of 15 individual lessons (15-30 weeks)

Transformational Meditation: to be done with Libby Adams’ course (5 weeks)

Happiness and Self-sabotage (8 weeks)

Trading Business Plan Development (8 weeks)

One module for each of our workshops.

Position Sizing (4 weeks)

Some of these modules are complete (i.e., the Peak Performance Lessons). Some are just questions Van will ask you (i.e., the position sizing modules, the workshop modules) and some are still in development (i.e., the happiness self-sabotage module will be available after the Super Trader Summit in December 09).

What You Can Expect to Accomplish (If you are willing to commit and really go for it)

First, you’ll be asked to become very familiar with the terminology we use. This means that you should understand the material in Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom very well. In addition, you should read the Tharp Concepts section on our web site and make sure you understand all of the terms, plus the on-line glossary.
Next we ask you to get yourself really clear psychologically. You should have already attended the Peak Performance 101 Workshop. You should immediately go through the Peak Performance Home Study course and take the Advanced Peak Performance 202 Workshop. If you have already completed the Peak Performance 202 course, you should sign up for Libby Adams’ 28-day course at this time.

I include Libby’s course as part of the Super Trader program because I want you to be able to quickly solve or completely avoid the psychological problems that come up in normal day-to-day life. Libby Adams’ 28-day course helps people do this better than any other program that I have ever seen. Van Tharp Institute clients who have completed Libby’s program rave about the personal insights they gained and the personal mastery skills they acquired.

When you are ready, I will ask you to go through the 15 lessons of the Peak Performance Module for Super Traders. Each lesson will take at least a week to complete. People who have gone through this process think it is life changing; it clears out most of the issues that prevent people from making profits. Currently, these lessons are available to Super Traders only.

You’ll have finished this section when you can document five life changing issues that have changed for you through the program. Does this mean that you only have five? No it doesn’t, but I believe that once you’ve documented five to my satisfaction that you’ll be able to handle other things that come up during your trading.

Next we’ll need to make sure that you really understand the key factors in system design. We suggest that you read Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, and Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, complete the How to Develop a Winning Trading System That Fits You Home Study Course and attend the Blueprint and Systems workshops, as well as more advanced “strategy” type workshops.

Even if you are trading profitably when entering the program, you may be asked to stop trading until I see that you have met certain criteria. When you think you are ready, I’ll do a trading knowledge evaluation. This will test your understanding of the fundamental issues of trading/investing success. You’ll be expected to demonstrate a basic understanding of how to use position sizing to meet your objectives (i.e., you must complete the position sizing module to receive my blessing for you to trade).

Next, you’ll develop a trading business plan. The Blueprint workshop will provide the basic template for you to follow, but we’ll give you templates to follow and the material from your two evaluations that will really help you. I will consult with you on the business plan until both you and I are happy with it.

The trading plan will also contain strategies you’ll be using during the next few years. If you are already using successful strategies, then we’ll help you improve them. If you don’t have any strategies, then I will offer suggestions for how to create them. We’ll even point you toward resources to help you with system development (not part of the program) if you feel you need technical assistance with programming software.

You also have access to the Super Trader Trading System Playbook, which is reviewed and updated each year at the Super Trader Summit. Here, we explore all of the systems that the Van Tharp Institute teaches in detail. The Summit is an ongoing effort to look at trading systems and how well they work under different market conditions. During the Summit, you’ll also get access to new, planned workshops (if any) before they are introduced to everyone else. You might find that attending the Summit for two years alone is well worth the cost of the program.

There’s Much More . . . Good Trading Dr. Van K Tharp

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Peak Performance 203 Dec 6-7
Bear Market Workshop Dec 9-11