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Blueprint for Trading Success

Van Tharp Institute

Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop

Presented by Dr. Van K. Tharp International Institute of Trading Mastery

January 14-16 Thursday-Saturday Cary North Carolina

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You know you want to be successful in the markets, but you also know where you are right now. You have so many ideas but how do you transform all of that into real forward motion?

Blueprint attendees create a customized, comprehensive plan that details exactly what they have to do to reach their trading goals. Are you ready for that?

Through his modeling work with top traders, Van Tharp has discovered the blueprint for trading success that will ensure you consistent prosperity as a trader.

This course is a complete structured program that will launch you to a more advanced skill level in your trading. You will learn strategic, focused steps that will serve you throughout your entire trading career whether you are a beginner or have years of trading experience.

During these intensive, hands-on three days, you will learn clear and concise tasks to master that will take your trading from ho-hum to visionary. You will leave with a thorough checklist of action steps to guide you to a higher level of performance.

This workshop illustrates the relationships among the steps so that the process is logical and reasonable. Moreover, Van Tharp will show you how to take each step experientially, so you really get it. Dr. Tharp is an expert in delivering elicitation questions to bring forth each person's most important issues.

"Well structured and put together expertly. Van is clearly highly experienced and knowledgeable and presents his material with enthusiasm. The fact that he speaks from experience makes the learning experience that much richer." Michael Tan, Australia.

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