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Think You're A Forex Genius? Quiz

Forex Genius
Think You're A Forex Genius?

You know, being in this industry, you get used to alot of big egos.

These 'so-called' experts, boast and brag about how big their accounts have grown, what big risks they've taken and how they've basically got the Forex know-how locked up.

Most of the time, the only thing they've got locked up, is hot air.

But once in a great while, you come across traders that just flat-out, know their stuff. These types are what I call, "Forex Geniuses."

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Are you one of these traders? Are YOU a Forex Genius?

While I shudder at calling myself a genius (hey, a guy's gotta have a little humility!), I've been around the Forex block a time or two - and have devised a short 9-question test that can help measure Forex prowess.

I won't give away all the questions but expect to be quizzed on certain currency pairs, currency trading times and the 'L' word - leverage. Feel free to do your homework beforehand but no cheating when it comes to taking the actual quiz!

Obviously, not everyone who aces this quiz is a Forex Genius HOWEVER, those who are 'in the know' and can answer these questions correctly, are probably ahead of the game and much more likely to be successful than those who don't take the time to familiarize themselves with these principles.

So how about it? Test your Forex knowledge and find out if you truly are worthy of the being called a Forex Genius.

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Good day and good forex trading.