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CandleCharts Candlesticks Applied Online Training Event

|Includes: AAPL, AMZN, SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA), FB, GOOG, MSFT, QQQ, SPY, XOM

Candlesticks Applied

Candlecharts Candlesticks Applied Online Training Event
June 03

  • Learn step by step how to develop a trading plan to quickly determine exactly where to enter and exit... so you can avoid sloppy trading which often leads to losses which can hurt your trading account growth
  • Discover the ideal time frames for your style of trading... to help you place precise entry and exit stops
  • Eliminate "analysis paralysis" from your trading by using the right technical indicators... and have full confidence in your decisions
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to become a disciplined trader... so your success can blossom like a professional
  • Conquer your emotions once and for all! We will show you how to stay focused on your trading plan rather than responding wildly to market noise
  • Profit from a more methodical approach to using tight entry/exit strategies... and reap the rewards of more consistent trading results
  • Boost your income by following your comprehensive trading plan... and see how anyone can transform their trading activity into a major source of your income - and even trade for a living!


  • Master intelligent trade management to cut your losses short and let the winners run... this is the fastest way to grow your trading account and avoid blowing up
  • Stop feeling like you must be chained to your computer... because these strategies give you the confidence and peace of mind in your Action Plan to walk away and enjoy your life!
  • Uncover the tell-tale signs of an impending market reversal that most traders don't know how to see... and stack the odds in your favor
  • Get your focused Action Plan to take advantage of any market you want to trade - stocks, options, FX, futures, and more
  • Finally eliminate guessing from your trading routine... by following the Action Plan steps you will receive in this training
  • Discover how to become a patient trader by realizing that opportunity is everywhere... you simply need to learn how to spot the right time to take action, and then follow the proper steps to do it correctly!
  • Use multiple time frames intelligently to understand the overall trend for better-timed market entries... and boost your risk/reward ratio even higher