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Your Trading Results Hourly Wage

Trading Hourly Wage

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I don't have a weekly stock pick this week as the market still looks to want to keep grinding higher with the Dollar heading higher on slower China economic report today. I'm not a buyer of the stock market at this point, but I'm not a selling either yet. May will be here next week, and will the cliche "sell in May and go away" be true this year or not? I'd rather wait till then to be taking any new positions in stocks either long or short.

Forget theory - you can put this to the test today with a 60-day trial account

This is bold.

Dr. Adrian Manz just released a new video detailing his Daily Income Trading method offering to help you make $357 an hour trading (click the link above to watch it now).

If you followed the approach he publishes in his Daily Income Trading Plan precisely for the last several years, starting with a $30K account, then you potentially could've…

Made an 85.88% return in 2008 without leverage, or 171.76% using 2-to-1 leverage…

Made a 53.49% return in 2009 without leverage, or 106.98% using 2-to-1 leverage…

Made a 37.79% return in 2010 without leverage, or 75.58% using 2-to-1 leverage…

Made a 53.22% return in 2011 without leverage, or 106.44% using 2-to-1 leverage…

In fact, for the past SIX YEARS, this approach has averaged a 58% annual return without leverage,
if followed precisely. Obviously, that's before commissions and fees, which vary platform to platform, but you get the idea.

On the other hand, the S&P 500 averaged a whopping 2.48% over those same six years[i].

I don't know about you, but I'd rather follow an approach that at least has the potential to pay
$58 for every $2.48 you could make in the S&P 500.

Get this: Even if, for some reason, you failed to follow Adrian's plan exactly and only caught HALF
of those gains, you'd still generate over TEN TIMES MORE money per year than the S&P handed you before you even thought about using leverage.

Making $357 an hour… or more.

When you watch that presentation, make a special note when Adrian shows you how to automate his
Daily Income strategy so you only have to spend 10 minutes a day to follow it.

If you made just $15,000 this year by trading his Daily Income method, then that would be the equivalent of a part-time job paying you $357 an hour.

With an average of about 250 trading days x 10 minutes a day, you'll only spend 42 hours of trading this method in an entire year.

$15,000 from 42 hours of trading works out to about $357.14 an hour.

If you're starting with a bigger account-one capable of delivering, say, $50,000 in profits in
the next year using this approach-then it's more like getting a $1,190 an hour from a part-time job.

So the question is:

Is there any REAL chance you, personally, could make $15K a year from this?

Honestly, only you can figure out that.

It depends on several factors: First, how much money you have to trade. You'd need around $25-$30K to make $15K, based on a 58% average annual income.

More importantly: No one can predict the future. Who knows what the market is going to do next?

Yes, Adrian's method generated over 85% in the crash of 2008, but would it do that again? Any answer I gave would be theoretical and, frankly, the world needs less theory and more proof.

Adrian agrees, so at the end of today's presentation, he's actually letting you register to get his Daily Income Trader service for 60 days on a trial account.

That way, you can try it out for yourself and see if it works… see if you like it… and see if it makes you money BEFORE committing to investing in a membership.

That's a great opportunity. Click here to see what Adrian's letting you have.

Hurry, because ONLY the FIRST 250 traders are allowed to get that trial account. After that, the trial account goes away.

Adrian is making it so easy to test his method out-without any risk-that no sane trader is going to refuse this opportunity. The risk/reward is just too good.

Yes, there's a catch: You have to qualify to use the service. These are S.E.C. rules, not Adrian's. He explains them in the video.

Either way, Adrian's trading information is world-class. You'll come away from this presentation a smarter trader, no matter whether you qualify for the service or not Click the link above to watch it now.