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Trading Using Advisors

Trading Room Advisors

Trading The Markets Using Advisors Has Several Benefits

Trading with recognized professional futures, forex and stock traders has many advantages and benefits. Through advanced tools and technology, advisors are able to display their live trading accounts in real time and allow subscribers to attempt to replicate their activity. Its about letting the pros do the work while you enjoy the rest of your life.

What are Live Updated Trading Accounts?

These are live futures, forex and stock-trading accounts traded by advisors whose activity is relayed to and displayed to the user subscriber. Many live accounts can be personal trading accounts funded and traded by a designated advisor or system developer, and some are even entered in trading championship contests. Others are live accounts traded on behalf of customers according to signals provided by the designated advisor. Every trade you see should be in a live trade in a funded account.

What Do You Normally Get For Using An Advisor?

Subscribers should get access to a real-time visual display of the live update accounts with screens for orders entered, open positions, closed positions, and advisor commentary.

How Do You Duplicate Your Trading in a Live Advisor Account?

It’s up to you. Some users subscribers place the orders themselves in their online accounts or call their broker with instructions. You also may choose to sign a Letter of Direction with your broker, who follow the advisors signals on their behalf as an auto-trade service. Subscriptions to some accounts are available only to auto-trade clients to ensure that a contract-size maximum is not exceeded.

How Will You Know When There Is Activity In Your Account?

When you’re logged into your advisor program and trading account, an instant message should appear on your screen any time there is new activity in the account. If you keep your computer speakers on, possibly a bell or whistle will sound to accompany the incoming message. An email notification should also accompany each new activity, and subscribers with text messaging service may be able to receive a text message notification to their mobile phone at no additional charge. Advisors utilize their commentary screens to clarify trade activity and provide further trade instructions.

Is There A Guarantee of Account Profitability?

Most times, no. However, you should identify pro-traders you believe are capable of sustaining profitable performance. Most long-term profitable advisors provide their performance ratings to new users and subscribers. Also consider advisor accounts designed by noted system developers and respected educators, and they can be just as profitable or more profitable than a regular trading advisor.

Which Trading Advisor Is Best Suited for My Trading Style?

You should be able to view every round-turn trade made in every live advisors account. Profit loss should be shown exclusive of commissions, fees, transaction and subscription costs. From here you'll get a better idea of their trading style and the risk reward associated with it. Registration for this access should be free for your review.

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