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Ninja Trader Zen Fire

Ninja Trader
Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader Zen Fire
is the combined result of an industry leading trading platform powered by an institutional grade trading engine that is managed by an experienced team of network professionals. Solutions for self-directed traders, automated systems and API developers all in one package. Zen-Fire provides the speed, reliability and functionality needed for trading and centralizes back-office setup and order management for enhanced risk management.

NinjaTrader Direct

Fully licensed Depth of Market Trading Window, Real-Time Charts & more.

NinjaTrader Standard

Brackets, Trailing Stops, OCO's plus many other Advanced Order Strategies.

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Simulation Engine

NinjaTrader's simulation engine factors in bid/ask size, last trade, time and order delay to determine fill probability. Use the simulator to forward test strategies or to simply improve your trading skills.


The NinjaTrader TM SuperDOM is a proven success with future traders around the globe. It is a highly intuitive and extremely efficient interface used to place orders, manage positions, and position strategies. You can place orders, modify a pending order and modify stop loss and profit target orders with the click of your mouse or by using our ASM functionality.

Either way, all orders and positions are intelligently visualized so you can instantly recognize where you are at in the market. If the timing of your entries and exits are critical then you need the NinjaTrader SuperDOM!

* Static price display where the inside market dynamically climbs up and down the price ladder with changes to the bid, ask and last price

* Highly visual and intelligent order and position display

* Flexible display options such as number of price rows and color parameters

* Auto centering

* Consolidated order display

* Pre-defined quick entry buttons

* Bracketed orders on entry

Ninja Trader


NinjaTrader charts visualize all your orders and positions in addition to standard market data. All your working orders, positions, and executions are plotted on the chart with bars and intelligently marked labels. With NinjaTrader Charts, you can instantly see how far or close your stops and targets are relative to key support and resistance levels.

* Modify and cancel orders directly in a chart

* User definable color and line style options

* Monitor position size, average entry price and real-time profit and loss

* Order placement and strategy execution coming soon...

Ninja Trader

Bracket Orders

Define how you will exit your trade by creating a strategy for the automatic submission of stop loss and profit target orders. Your pre-defined strategy will execute and submit your exit orders once your entry order is partially filled.

Ninja Trader

OCO (One Cancels Other) Orders and Intelligent Strategies

A strategy will not only submit your stop loss and profit target brackets it will manage the relationship between them. If a profit target order is filled, the paired stop loss will automatically cancel. Scale in or out of a strategy and all stop loss and profit target orders are updated to reflect the changed strategy position size. Increase the order size of your second profit target and your first profit target order size is automatically decreased.

Ninja Trader

Automatic Trailing Stops

Industry standard trail stops either stop you out too quickly or, give back too much profit. NinjaTrader's Auto Trail system was designed to give you the power and flexibility to intelligently trail your profits. Since no two markets trade alike, you can set up custom auto trail strategies that take into account the �wiggle' factor of different markets thus avoiding pre-mature stop outs. Create auto trail strategies that are liberal at the early stages of your trade and automatically tighten up as the trade goes into your favor.

Ninja Trader

Auto Breakeven

Allows you to set a profit condition that will trigger NinjaTrader to automatically adjust your stop loss order to a breakeven price. Optionally, you can also assign an offset value that is added to your breakeven price in order to cover commission costs.

Volume Based Simulated Stop Loss Orders

Ever have your stop loss order trigger by a single tick only to watch the market immediately bounce and trade to your profit target without you? With volume based simulated stops, a NinjaTrader first feature, the triggering of your stop loss order will be delayed until such time that support or resistance is breached based on your user defined volume condition.

Automatic Reversals

Set your strategy to automatically reverse if your stop loss or profit target is hit.

Ninja Trader

Full Featured Simulation

The NinjaTrader Simulation Edition is the exact same version of software as the NinjaTrader Standard Edition; the only difference is the orders are not sent to the exchange.

Features include:

* Complete order, account and position simulation

* Advanced Strategy Management (NYSEMKT:ASM)

* Multiple order entry interfaces

* Market Replay

* Automated Trading Interface (NYSE:ATI)

Ninja Trader

The NinjaTrader TM Automated Trading Interface (ATI) provides you with the capability to seamlessly connect your favorite charting application such as TradeStation or eSignal through NinjaTrader TM to your broker. The NinjaTrader TM ATI gives you the power to automate order flow with efficiency and accuracy.

The advantages of using the NinjaTrader TM ATI are...

You can seamlessly integrate with TradeStation or eSignal

The NinjaTrader TM ATI installs with pre-customized full scale integration with TradeStation's EasyLanguage or eSignal's Formula Script. Simply drop the NinjaTrader TM ATI functions into your strategy and unleash the power of automation!

You can access an extremely flexible interface to drive NinjaTrader TM by your preferred trading environment

No matter if your preferred trading environment is a custom developed application, an MS Excel spread sheet or a charting application, you can use the NinjaTrader TM ATI to automate your trading. The ATI comes with three interfaces:

* File interface
* DLL interface
* COM interface

All three options provide functions for order management, position management, strategy management and data retrieval. With Ninja Trader rade automation has never been more flexible!

This concept is analogous to driving a car. You know your starting point, your destination and how you are going to get there. You do not need to concern yourself with the complexities of how your car operates and in trading you don't want to consume yourself with the complexities of order submission and management.

You can optionally harness the power of Ninja Trader's advanced order and position management capabilities.

NinjaTrader is a pioneer in automated order and position management with our Advanced Strategy Management (ASM) functionality. Our ATI gives you the power to choose whether you want order management to be controlled by your trading system or, to employ Ninja Trader TM ASM. Ninja Trader TM ASM automatically submits your stop loss and profit targets, manages automatic trailing stops, automatic reversals and much, much more.

You can manually control your automated positions via the NinjaTrader order entry windows.

Unlike other trade automation applications, NinjaTrader TM is a full fledge trading platform. By using NinjaTrader TM , you gain the advantage of being able to manage orders and positions initiated through the ATI from within any of NinjaTrader's trade management user interfaces such as the SuperDOM or the Basic Entry window. This provides you complete control, flexibility and efficiency to execute trading decisions.

You get a cost affective flat fee solution that will not drain your trading account.

Ninja Trader's price model is very cost affective for the active systems trader. Unlike other ATIs there are no volume based transaction charges for every trade that executes through the NinjaTrader TM ATI. Instead, your costs are fixed and known up front regardless of how many trades your system executes in a month.

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