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Disciplined Trading

The Disciplined Trader

Attention! All Stock, FOREX, Futures, and Options Traders

"To Be A Winning Disciplined Trader, You MUST Install Within You The Mental/Emotional Habits and Skills of a Winning Disciplined Trader, And We Can Make That A Reality For You Within Weeks"

The Fact Is:

The Best Trading System In The World Won’t Do You Much Good If You Don’t Have The Mental and Emotional Discipline to Run Your Trading Plan.

This is not a shocking statement to any trader who has traded for even a few months.

Has This Happened To You?

Inability to pull the trigger on a trade, watching markets “go” without you when your trading plan GAVE you the signal to get into the market…

Lifting your stop because you didn’t want the market to ‘take you out’ only to move higher again (because that’s what happened to you the last time), then to see a free-fall result where you get sick to your stomach when you finally DO get out…

Not taking your profit when your trading system tells you to because a news report eluded to the fact that ‘this could be the big one’, only to have the market come back down and have you successfully turn a nice winner into a big loser…

Sound familiar?

This is ALL DUE to lack of trading discipline… the strength…no, the GUTS to stick to your trading plan.

The good news is you're fixable.

The REAL Key To Being A Successful Trader Is NOT Having The Right Trading System.

If your trading system WAS the key to being a successful trader, every trader who used that trading system would be a winning trader. And that’s not true.

The REAL KEY To becoming a successful trader is to make sure you have the mental and emotional discipline to run your trading plan.

So the question becomes,

“How can I become a disciplined trader…so I follow my trading plan without hesitation, fear or doubt…every time?”

Here’s What WON’T Make You A Disciplined Trader (These May Surprise You!)

* Reading A Book About What You Should Be Doing – Sure, when you read a book that tells you the horrors of trading with reckless abandon, concluding in the suggestion that you need to be more disciplined with your trading… you’ll walk away saying to yourself, “The author is right! I have to be more disciplined!” Then what? Unless you are given the tools to change your trading habits and SUPPORTED in using those tools, you’ll just wind up frustrated with the fact that you’ll remain the same out-of-control trader!

* Learning From Your Mistakes – If you only analyze your trading mistakes on the conscious level and your subconscious mind is still on the same old program of “I’m likely to make another mistake again”, then nothing will change. You see, 90% of the power of mind is wielded by the subconscious mind…which can work for you or against you. So it’s IMPERATIVE to have your subconscious mind working FOR you. Learning from your mistakes on a conscious level will do little to change your trading habits. In fact, the result will just be more frustration.

* Talking To Other Traders About How Tough The Market Is – Misery loves company. It’s easy to twist the truth. Somehow, you and your trading “friends” twist the truth to make the MARKET responsible for your losses, not you. Until you take responsibility for ALL of your trading results, you and your trading buddies will just go round and round… then downhill.

I haven’t put you through the pain of the truth, without knowing I had a CLEAR and CONCISE solution to show you how to be the wise and disciplined trader you CAN be.

So Here’s What DOES WORK To Become A Disciplined Trader

* Adopting A Method To Train Your Subconscious Mind – There are two methodologies, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), that are effective in influencing your subconscious mind. The more specific the suggestions you make to the subconscious mind, meaning specific suggestions for traders, the more effective the suggestions will be in changing your behavior patterns…whether that means having the strength to pull the trigger on your trades or keeping your stops in where they’re supposed to be. “Old-school” hypnosis, however, requires 20 or 30 minutes in a relaxed (alpha brainwave) state to “train”, and that’s a lot of time for traders. In a moment, I’ll let you know how you can train in 8 or 9 minutes!

* Doing “Affirmations” – You know…listening to positive statements over and over again while your riding in your car, working out, taking a walk, etc. Convenient. However, because affirmations are done in a “waking state” (not when your relaxed), they are marginally effective. However, if you use subconscious training (relaxed-state training) as your main training, you can use affirmations to effectively SUPPORT and ENHANCE the work you are doing with your relaxed-state training to empower your subconscious mind.

* Having a Well-Built Trading Plan - What good is having being disciplined, if you don't have a good trading plan to follow. If your trading plan is weak, you'll be disciplining yourself down the road to weak outcome... losing. On the other hand, if your trading plan is built correctly, with the right elements.. and tested properly, you'll NATURALLY have confidence and this will solidify your ability to be disciplined. Make sense?

* Having Your Risk Management and Money Management In Place - This is the central location where most traders go wrong. Controlling risk. You need to make sure that your trading plan has an extra doses of risk management and money management (yes, they are two separate things). You will find an inner confidence you NEVER HAD, when you KNOW that you've tended to having your risk under control. Put a star next to this.

* Keeping A Trading Journal – When you review your trades on a daily basis and write down your experiences and how you want to improve for tomorrow’s trading, it’s very powerful. You’re involving the senses of touch (writing) , vision (looking at what you’re writing), hearing (yes, if you whisper to yourself while you write)… all conduits to impressing neuro-pathways on the subconscious mind. But possibly even MORE importantly, by keeping a journal, you’re taking responsibility for the day’s trading results and your projecting what you will do to improve them. Keeping your journal properly (and we’ll show you how) is a very effective tool to get you disciplined.

* Have A Positive Support System –Once you accept responsibility for your trading outcomes (rather than blaming everything around you), it's important to surround yourself with like-thinking traders. This likely means that you'll need to let go of old trading "friends" as you begin to associate yourself with traders who will empower you rather than sap your confidence. Many of us traders are "private" types, and that's perfectly fine. But when you do need to reach out for an opinion or to share an idea, you want to do with traders who are taking responsibility for their outcomes and not with those living in a fantasy world.

Now that you have a little better handle on what will work for you to get you to be the “Ice-In-The-Veins” trader that you desire to be, you’ll be glad to know that Subconscious Training Corporation has put together a revolutionary intensive, JUST FOR YOU, the purpose of which is to have you on your way to being a Rock-Solid disciplined trader within weeks.

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