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Trading Software Review

Track n Trade Futures Forex Stocks

Track 'n Trade Commodity Futures Forex Stocks Trading Software

Featured in Stocks and Commodities, Futures Magazine, Trader's World, and Active Trader. Track 'n Trade received the Stocks & Commodities People's Choice Award five times.

Download Free Trial of Track 'n Trade Ultimate Trading Machine Software. Trade with the infamous Bulls 'n Bears Advantage Plug-in. You can also set up your own unique trading systems using the Autopilot for Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures or Forex. Practice Trading with Track 'n Trade Charting Software. Forex & Stocks trading software each have the ability to paper trade using real data. Don't risk a penny until you gain confidence with practice. Extensive training, support, and customer service. Each product you invest in includes multimedia educational training that actually shows you how to use each tool.

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Educational Courses

History of Track n Trade Software

Founded in 1998 by President and CEO Lan H. Turner, the company grew its roots in the commodities trading market. Feeling severely handicapped by the tools available on the market at the time, Lan H. Turner commissioned a computer programmer to produce a custom package to analyze the markets in a very specific way, accommodating his personal style. Later, he released this package to the public, calling it Track ‘n Trade.

Track 'n Trade revolutionized the way people learned how to trade the futures market. The software provides 30+ years of real historical data, allowing the user to simulate trades. In this way, someone new to futures trading can practice until he or she feels confident enough to invest personal capital. Track 'n Trade also introduced an interactive chart which gave the user the ability to place a trade directly on the chart itself.
Track 'n Trade

Since the original version of Track 'n Trade was released each subsequent version has built upon the powerful and intuitive capabilities of the previous version. Track n Trade recently released its sixth version software, a real-time trading platform where users can place actual trades directly on the charts by dragging and dropping or simply by clicking a button.

Track n Trade Software, now specializes in the development of software applications designed to assist futures traders in becoming successful at trading commodities. Track 'n Trade has been featured in some of the industry's top national publications including: Stocks and Commodities, Futures Magazine, Trader's World, and Active Trader. Track 'n Trade received the Stocks & Commodities People's Choice Award five times.

Track n Trade Other Products and Services

In addition to Gecko Software's flagship product, Track 'n Trade, the company offers educational materials including books, CDs, videos, etc. to aid traders in their pursuit of trading the Forex, Futures, and Stock markets.

For Beginning to Advanced Traders

Track n Trade is a great piece of trading software with plenty of useful features for the beginning to advanced trader. The clarity of the charts, the indicators, and the bonus features such as the historical trade simulator make this trading software outstanding.

A Top Trading Software for Today's Markets

We have seen a lot of trading software packages out there, in addition to all of the online charting systems and we would say Track n Trade finds itself in the top tier of trading software programs. We rate it a 9 out of 10 stars with 10 being the best.

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