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Market Analyst Software

Market Analyst Software

What is Market Analyst? Free Trial

In simplest terms, Market Analyst is a Technical Analysis Package suitable for traders who are trading stocks, futures, currencies - in fact any security from any exchange in the world.

Market Analyst was designed for those not born with a silver Microsoft mouse grafted in their right hand - as such it is one of the easiest software programs that you will ever use.

Market Analyst will provide you with many features that have been designed to make your analysis easier and to save you time. For instance the 'Layers Panel', which allows you to put different technical indicators on different layers on your chart - helping you to organize your technical analysis. Another feature is 'Transparency' which can be applied to all charts and technical analysis. Often a stock chart can become cluttered with the analysis that is applied to it. Market Analyst allows you to adjust the transparency of your analysis so that it "fades"- keeping the underlying chart uncluttered.

What is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is a method of analyzing the historical data of a security. The analysis itself is usually some sort of mathematic formula that is calculated for every day in the history, this then creates a plot on the chart. The technical analyst interprets this information to make their trading decision.

At one level, Technical Analysis is all about probabilities. For example, if when analyzing the historical data of a security, you find that 90% of the time a certain technical indicator changed direction just prior to a change in trend of that security, there is a high probability that a change in trend will follow, if you now see that the technical indicator has just turned again, you have a statistical basis for predicting the next change in trend.

A software program like Market Analyst is often referred to as a Technical Analysis Package. We prefer to call it a "Trader's Toolbox". The reason we call it a Toolbox is that Market Analyst contains many different Technical Analysis techniques that will allow you to apply the right technique to the right market - just like using a hammer (instead of a saw) on a nail!

The accomplished technical analyst knows how to apply the techniques, and more importantly, knows how to interpret the analysis to make educated trading decisions. An important word of caution though - just as inexperience with tools in a toolbox can cause a lot of harm (remember the first time you used a hammer?), so using technical indicators without a thorough understanding of how to use them can cause you a lot of financial harm. This is why we recommend that our clients seek educators and/or education that can teach them how to trade with technical analysis.

Where do I get Market Data from?

Market Analyst can read data in a variety of data formats including the most common Metastock format and CSI format. Our own Market Analyst Data is the fastest data downloader in the world (why spend 15 minutes downloading your data when you can get it in under a minute). Market Analyst Data also saves the data in the native Market Analyst format which makes Market Analyst run fast and seamless.

Scanning the Market

Market Analyst includes a Scanning Manager that allows you to define exactly what condition you are searching for. Based on those criteria, it will scan the market to see if any securities match the criteria and rank them in order for you. This will save you hours of laborious manual scanning and allow you to trade many more markets.

The Scanning Manager is also the ideal tool for back testing your trading strategy. Using the Scanning Manager, select any past time period and find stocks that passed your criteria in the specified time range. Market Analyst can then be used to open those companies at that date. Using the Market Analyst training mode feature you can then add a series of bars onto the chart to determine profitability of your trading plan.

What Type of Technical Analysis is Included?

Market Analyst includes many of the common Technical Analysis techniques such as moving averages, oscillators, and momentum indicators such as RSI's. Market Analyst also includes many unique techniques like Market Price Analysis, which is a Market Profiling tool.

Time Price Labels which allow you to do extensive Time and Price analysis, and finally the Gann methods which can add a whole new dimension to your trading, are also included within Market Analyst.

Who is Gann?

W.D. Gann was a famous technical analyst that utilized techniques for accurately predicting when stocks and futures would turn. In an era where a family could survive a month on $100, Gann is reported to have made $50M (that's M for million) in his trading!

Market Analyst Professional includes many of Gann's techniques - from the Gann Fan to the Time by Solar Degrees tool. If you are a Gann enthusiast, or are just curious, Market Analyst Professional has all you need to begin your quest for trading 'Gann style'.

If you have mastered the Gann techniques in Market Analyst Professional, we also have our specialist Gann program called Gann Analyst. Gann Analyst introduces some of Gann's most powerful analysis, from that ancient calculator - the Square of 9, to the squaring of the all time top of a market. As you apply these techniques, and see how they call changes in market trend, you will receive a chill down your spine. For the avid Gann disciple, Gann Analyst also introduces some of Gann's final works on Cosmic Analysis and the interaction between the created universe and our markets.

How Can I Try the Software?

You can download a free 14 day trial of Market Analyst right now. Click on the link below to start your download. We will contact you shortly by email to make sure that you have everything you need to get the most of your trial.

Market Analyst Free Download