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Simple Powerful Stock Trading

|Includes: BB, Blue Coat Systems Inc (BCSI), BIDU, CEA, DRYS, FSLR, ISRG, ZNH
Elite WaveTrader Stock Trading

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Stock Trading Has Never Been Simpler And More Powerful

What if I told you that with 3 points of analysis that took less than a minute each that I am consistently able to identify “Power Stocks” that have the potential to produce multi-hundred percent gains in the following few months?

Would I have your attention? I bet I would.

My long-term study of the stock market’s biggest winners showed me the consistent patterns that occur as a stock transitions through what I call a “super-cycle”.

Knowing where a stock is in a super-cycle may at first glance appear challenging but within just a few hours of study you’ll quickly understand how to read these important clues and trade stocks accordingly.

In fact many of the stock markets biggest movers of the past several years have flashed these powerful clues before breaking into mega-cycles and were trades generated by the Elite Wavetrader system.

Some of these include:

* FSLR 159% gain in 3 months
* KUN 265% gain in 4 days
* BIDU 250% gain in 6 months
* ZNH 300% gain in 5 months
* CEA 400% gain in 5 months
* ISRG 217% gain in 9 months
* DRYS 333% gain in 6 months
* RIMM 333% gain in 14 months
* BCSI 400% gain in one year

And many of these stocks were optionable producing stratospheric gains on the option. Can you see how having this information might be beneficial?

Remember, the core components of the Elite Wavetrader system were designed to make the stock market game easy to play and easy to win.

Sure, I’ve compiled a lot of information into the training program based on my study of mega-stocks but the critical stock selection aspects are easily gleaned in the first few hours of study.

Let’s Take A Little Peek Inside My Unique “Stock Trading On Steroids” Trading System:

* Stocks move in cycles-and learning to interpret where a stock is in a cycle can lead to an uncanny ability to capture significant gains

* Along with stocks, the market itself moves in cycles; knowing which bias to use when (short or long) can hyper-charge your trading results.

* Premier stocks can provide significant clues to their long-term potential-knowing what those clues are is as simple as following a few basic rules

* Finding these premier “hi-scoring” stocks is made much simpler when you understand that patterns tend to repeat themselves.

* Realizing that a certain breed of stocks produce these repetitive patterns, stock scans can be built to target the next batch of prospects.

* Finding and analyzing these stocks for buy signals can be the most productive thing you do financially for the small amount of effort invested

* This system excels at keeping your money working hard - the annual ROI (return-on-investment) on the right momentum stocks can be phenomenal

In fact, the top traders of all time are momentum traders including one who turned a $10,000 account into $42 million in 2 years a few years back (try to do that with Forex ;).

You will understand why the old way of investing in the markets is a thing of the past…getting wrapped up in “noise” can cost you a lot of money in missed opportunities.

I’ll show you why conventional swing trading is like surfing in the ripples between mega-waves, sure you can make some money but wouldn’t you rather focus the bulk of your trading capital on the right stocks at the right time?

Here’s A Fact You Should Get Straight In Your Head Right Now – You Have No Business Throwing Your Money Away On 90% Of The Stocks In The Market

This is a fact that many traders fail to consider when trading. At least 90% of the stocks in the market are no place for your precious investing or trading funds.

They just are not performing. Either they’re just sitting there, or meandering back and forth randomly, or even going down in value.

Why on God’s green earth would you have investment or trading capital tied up in stocks going nowhere – or losing value?

Does that make sense to you? It didn’t to me either. And that’s why I’ve been studying the stock market’s biggest movers over the past fifteen years.

To me (and hopefully, to you by now), it makes sense to place your stock market bets only on the true “thoroughbreds” of the market – like Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Dell Computer of the 1990’s, or like Taser, First Solar, Apple Computer, Research in Motion, and Hansen in the 2000’s…

These are the kind of stocks that can quickly super-charge your stock market returns and ones that my stock scoring system is uniquely able to target.

Hot stocks, ETF’s and hot sectors can occur in about any market condition. Momentum trading systems like my Elite Wavetrader system are uniquely able to identify these oftentimes very subtle turning points based on the key criteria gleaned from my study of this breed of mega-movers.

Being highly selective and targeting only “the top potential stock-waves in the market” is exactly the core philosophy behind my Elite Wavetrader system.

This is how to super-charge your stock market returns.

Big League Stock Trading Analysis

There is no better trading system for trading momentum stocks-the stock timing strategies alone are designed to catch the meat-of-the-move and avoid unproductive “do-nothing” consolidation zones.

And I make this easy for you by giving you detailed strategies for how to analyze price action. This will enable you to cull the herd and hone in on the top trading prospects-and become your own stock trading guru.

Many traders know that trend line placement is one of the most challenging aspects to trading and I show you how to properly apply trend lines based on where a stock is in a super-cycle (this is one of the most powerful aspects of the system).

Knowing where to place the trend line in one area of a stocks “launch pad” the PBC Zone (hint: stock mega-movers MOS and POT-generated 700% and 500% gains respectively with this strategy) is the key to maximizing gains and minimizing risk.

Once you get into the training I’ll teach you how to analyze the ongoing price action for signs of weakness and possible sell signals. You’ll also learn the importance of analyzing a stock’s price range for tell-tale signs of an imminent reversal.

You’ll receive a “quick-start” roadmap and powerful stock scanning formulas for identifying price squeezes and honing in on stocks with explosive short-term potential as well as stock timing strategies to target exact dates in the future for trade entries and exits (this is sometimes months ahead of time).

This is a system that is ideal for those wanting superior returns in the market without having to be bogged down in “another job”.

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