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Whats In TheTrading Box?

Market Mastery

Group coaching feedback + "what's in the box" video . . . Click Here

Bill Poulos just released another new video today that shows
exactly "what's in the box" when you grab one of the remaining
copies of his Market Mastery Protege Program home study

-but this time you get to see his computer genius son, Greg,
walk you through the course contents.

BTW, this is one of the reasons I get behind all the training
released by Bill. I've watched his training company grow from
its start all the way back in 2001 to a professional
organization that works tirelessly to take care of its students.
And while Bill now has many full time staff members working for
him, his company is still very much a "father & son" operation,
so they don't lose sight of what's really important -- your
potential success in the markets!

ALSO, and this is a "biggie"... Bill didn't mention anything
about this yet, but I wanted to bring it up because I think it's
important: He's essentially giving you "half off" the regular
enrollment fee for his Market Mastery home study course during
this limited release...

-PLUS, he's throwing in 8 weeks of group coaching "on the house"
which used to cost 5,000 bucks... So, if you do the math, you're
getting about 7,000 dollars of value for about $2.74 per day
spread out over a year...

(That's like an unheard of 85 percent discount!)

-all backed by his "no questions asked" 60 day guarantee...

-and it all goes away next Tuesday, June 22nd.

Now, I don't know about you, but that sounds like the "deal of
the decade" to me, and I think the only reason you WOULDN'T want
to grab a copy of Bill's Market Mastery course at this point is
if you're already raking in more money from the markets than you
know what to do with.

So, go ahead and watch the "what's in the box" video here:

-and then follow the link on that page to reserve your copy of
Market Mastery TODAY.

(Your portfolio will thank you for it later ;-))

Good Trading,

P.S. Bill also just released these real attendee comments from
the end of his last live group coaching sessions he held for
another one of his training courses. As you can see, his
students are pretty darn happy: