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Keep Non-Core Bond Investments In Their Place

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June 29, 2012 - Keep Non-Core Bond Investments in Their Place - by Morningstar Investment Research

The take has been staggering. Emerging-markets, high-yield, world-bond, and multisector-bond funds have taken in less than intermediate-term bond funds have during the past year, but the new inflows represent a significant share of the assets in these groups. About 8% of the assets in high-yield and world-bond funds have flowed in during the past year, whereas nearly a third of the assets in emerging-markets bond funds have come in over during that time frame. Although performance on intermediate-term bond funds has been solid during the past three years, the gains in high-yield bond funds, emerging-markets bond funds, and multisector offerings have been even better. At the same time, the magnitude and velocity of inflows into risky bond types makes Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz worry that some investors could be overdoing these categories as a percentage of their fixed-income portfolios. That's a particularly big concern for retirees who are looking to their portfolios to fund near-term living expenses and might not have an adequately long time horizon to recover from outsized losses in what should be the safe portion of their portfolios.

Step Into the Fair Value Time Machine

I find Morningstar's fair value estimates for equities to be a useful tool in determining whether a stock's price is too high, too low, or just about right. But is there any way to see how a stock's fair value estimate has changed over time?

Morningstar assistant site editor Adam Zoll answered this question stating Morningstar's current fair value estimates are easy enough to find but are available only to Premium users. Just type any public company name or ticker symbol in the Quote box at the top of any page on and press the Quote button. You'll then be delivered to a page that, in the Morningstar's Take section, includes Morningstar's fair value esti mate for the stock, along with Consider Buying and Consider Selling prices and other ratings. Sure enough there is a way to find historical information on previous fair value estimates for each stock Morningstar covers. In fact, there are a few ways, all of which are available to Premium members.

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