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The Best Thing About Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research

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August 18, 2012 - The Best Thing About Zacks Investment Research - By Zacks Investment Research

By: Steve Reitmeister

The best part about working at Zacks has nothing to do with the Zacks Rank we keep bragging about. Nor is it about having more stock research at our disposal than 99.997% of other investors. (However, it is pretty cool having access to virtually every brokerage research report produced).

No. The best part is the people.

Everywhere you turn is another intelligent, seasoned investor with keen insights on the market. Casual conversations spring up all the time to discuss the investment landscape.

Quite often we have more formal conversations too. Not with the goal of reaching consensus. Rather to sharpen everyone's mind on the key topics that move the market. And those insights become strategies and recommendations shared with Zacks members like yourself.

Amazingly there are some who would rather just concentrate on the voice of one expert to alleviate confusion. And to that I say . . . HOGWASH!

In this article I will discuss the benefits of taking in multiple perspectives so that you can chart the best course for investment success.

Who Wants to Be 100% Wrong?

Yes, I understand the psychological comfort that comes with following one expert with a succinct view of the investment landscape. The major problem with this approach is that person could be 100% wrong. Like many in this industry who have been bearish every day for the past 3 years, letting the stock market double while their followers get left behind.

The market is too dynamic and complex for one person to be an expert in all areas. Better that you stand on the shoulders of many experts who have different strengths you can leverage.

The best way for me to illustrate my point is by showing you the specialties of some of the folks here at Zacks. And how you want to have their unique expertise in your corner.

Announcing Zacks' Starting Line Up

First there are the obvious differences of perspective based upon the primary investing styles. Value, Growth, Momentum and Income. Each can be done successfully. But each requires a different temperament and skill set. That is why we have experts specializing in these areas such as:

Value=Tracey Ryniec (and I happen to be in this camp as well).

Growth=Brian Bolan (with a flair for the best tech stocks as well).

Momentum=Kevin Cook (blending fundamental and technical attributes to play the trend).

Income=Todd Bunton (finding great income plays with upside potential to boot).

Then you have a matter of time frames. It's nice to have the long term perspective of where the economy is headed and what that means for the market over the next 1, 3, 5 years. For that we have seasoned veterans like Sheraz Mian and John Blank Ph.D. to discuss the many factors that will shape the market in the years ahead.

Then too it's good to know the short term impulses. Our experienced traders like Kevin Cook and Jared Levy are used to living in a world where a minute is like a day for you and me. And a day is a month. Their understanding of these short term trends can add to your arsenal.

But the list of things to know doesn't stop there. How about:

• Institutional Buying Activity: Brian Bolan has a bead on that.

• Chart Patterns: Nobody better than Kevin Matras.

• Quantitative Investing Strategies: Got an army of those guys led by Len Zacks himself.

• ETF Strategies: Eric Dutram is a pioneer in this field helping us launch our Zacks Rank for ETFs (coming soon).

• Insider Trading: The amount of data in this field can boggle the mind. But not to our Tracey Ryniec

• Options Strategies: Kevin Matras, Kevin Cook and others can lend a hand here.

• Earnings Whispers: Jared Levy is getting quite a reputation in this field.

• Need I go on???

Putting It All Together

Hopefully you now agree that there is great benefit in tapping the strengths of multiple investment experts. By balancing and blending their views, you will gain greater clarity on how to investment successfully in the future.

What to do next?

Consider this. We just launched an all-new program called Zacks Confidential. Each week, I will personally select another expert with a hot hand, and then confide their latest trades and insights to you.

This week, our members will see a stock that Kevin Matras believes could double, even triple in the months ahead. The name of this company may surprise you, but Kevin makes a convincing argument.

Best, Steve Reitmeister

Steve is the Executive VP in charge of and all of its subscription services. His personal mission is to help investors achieve life-changing investment success. Over the years, he has developed a full array of services to help investors do just that. And today he is proud to share with you his latest creation that is fast becoming the most popular at Zacks. Learn more about Zacks Confidential.

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