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Market Trend

A solid jobs report on Friday helped sustain the upward trend. I am now short/sell on the market, SPY. The price is currently higher than the high Bollinger band, and RSI is slightly above the overbought signal of 70, with 70.21. And, the Stochastic level supports the overbought signal even further. Therefore, I sold my convertible fund into strength and rotated some of the profits into SPY and IJH. However, I have tight stops on each position, at their respective 20 day moving averages. As mentioned previously, based on my data and back testing, the market (NYSEARCA:SPY) may continue to increase a bit more. On average, SPY has increased by 1.78% further, on average, after the sell signal was established, which was Friday. This is the primary reason for me to hold my positions, however, with tight stops.