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Forex Binary Options

Foreign Exchange Trading or Forex is one of the most popular forms of Binary Options trading due to the fact that there are so many different currencies around the world which fluctuate in value against one another, 24/7. As such, there are numerous opportunities for trading currencies in the binary options market.

Unlike other asset classes like commodities, stocks, and indices, where the trader is looking at a single asset to move up or down, in Forex the trading is done in pairs where one currency is assumed to go up against another or vice versa. For example, a trader may assume the position that the U.S. dollar will appreciate against the Japanese Yen over a certain period of time, meaning the dollar will gain value against the yen, either because the dollar is going up or the yen is going down or both.

Online Binary Options platforms offer individual traders the chance to participate in the Forex market, using lower capital amounts than traditional currency trading but with the same high-yield returns as any other trading method. Binary Options currency trading can be hourly, daily or monthly. Easy Call and Put Binary Options purchases are executed with one simple click, and may be made with as little as $25 per option.